KJ Somaiya College of Engineering (KJSCE), Vidyavihar

  NOTE: KJ Somaiya College of Engineering (KJSCE), Vidyavihar is likely to declared as an autonomous college affiliated to Mumbai University from the year 2013-14.

Location :

KJ Somaiya College of Engineering (KJSCE), more popularly known as "KJ", is closest to Vidhyavihar railway station (C.Rly.), at a 10 minute walk and with the share-a-rickshaw facility available, the travel time between decreases to a mere 5 minutes. The college is also well connected by the Harbour Line via Chembur and Tilak Nagar Stations. A bus stop is also located outside the Ghatkopar Gate and one is also located near Amar Mahal which is a 10 minute walk from the college. This bus stop is well connected to Thane and South Mumbai. The Western Line is also easily accessible from the Ghatkopar Metro Station


Infrastructure :

The infrastructure at KJ Somaiya is one of the strong points of this college. This college is a paradise for sports lovers, as this college is equipped with a full size football ground, a cricket ground, a badminton court, a squash court and a multipurpose court where one can play rink football,handball,volleyball and basketball. And for those who don't find their interests in outdoor sports, chess, carom and table tennis equipment is also provided and the facilities for these are also top-notch. On the academic side, laboratory equipments have been updated and modern facilities have been made available to the students. With the constant maintenance of the two buildings KJ Somaiya College of Engineering does stand out in the whole campus.



Rs. 1,50,000 / year. Keeping the facilities and infrastructure in mind, the tuition fee is a bit on the higher end.


Faculty :

Faculty of KJSCE is pretty decent and are really experienced. Mechanical Faculty of KJSCE is said to be one of the most experienced faculty with abundant practical knowledge and having an average tenure of 9 years and more. Lectures are conducted in English and most of the professors are M.Tech/PhD holders who strike a chord with the students.


Attendance :

According to students, the management is a little soft on defaulters. Assignment punishments are given if attendance is below 60 % (at least in the 1st  year) but most copy (nothing new) and escape the punishment. The college has never made any harsh decision by not allowing students to sit for the exam or asked for a fine.


Crowd :

Being a gujju (Gujarati minority) college, 50% of the seats are reserved for Gujaratis though you always see more than 70% of Gujjus in this college. As per engineering standards the crowd is really good at KJ Somaiya College of Engineering (KJSCE). You’ll find all kinds of people here, from nerds to the so called cool people and also the smart lot. Even the gunda variety is said to be found here. Over the last couple of years, the crowd at KJSCE has improved and along with the general mix of students from other colleges in the campus, the college has a very vibrant feel to it, especially in the canteens.


Canteen / Hangouts / Mess :

The canteen is pretty good. Food is delicious and the rates are also reasonable. This place packs more attendance than most lectures. With a variety of food types and snacks available, finding a seat during lunch a a task in itself.

Coupled with low cost, good food and great hygiene, the mess is easily the favourite of every student looking to eat a huge lunch on a low budget. With two messes located inside the campus, KJSCE is a great place for every student who enjoys a good variety of vegetarian food.

On the hangout spots of this college, the Maggi house near the Aryabhatta building of the college is very popular with the students. The amphitheatre(Gargi Plaza) sees a huge number of visitors enjoying the breeze and having a nice time with friends. With Pheonix Market City and Odeon Mall in the vicinity, students often go to these places to hang out or watch a movie. Vikrant Circle at Ghatkopar is also popular with the students for a variety of options available for good food.


Festivals :

KJ Somaiya College of Engineering (KJSCE) celebrates festivals throughout the year.  Abhiyantriki is the Annual Technical festival held in early October. Abhiyantriki organises over 35 events ranging from workshops to exhibitions and even social events. It hosts events like Start-Up Expo, Internship Expo, Tech Expo, Auto Expo and a Keynote Speaker's address With the entire college geared up (literally), Abhiyantriki packs quite a punch.

Symphony, the Cultural Festival is held in January/February. With artistes like The Local Train, Coshish, Sushant Singh Rajput, DJ Zaeden, Ragini Khanna, Anu Malik, Shraddha Sharma, Shirley Setia and many other celebrities visiting the campus during Symphony, it is the highlight event of the year. The whole college turns into a boiling pot of excitement and thrill.

The Big Somaiya Debate is an annual intercollegiate debate hosted by KJSCE. The Big Somaiya Debate is known for its quality of debaters and intellectuals. Judges like Dr. Joseph Benjamin, author of more than 12 books on political issues have been past judges at the event. Big Somaiya Debate, also known as BSD, is a much awaited event among the literary and debating circles of Mumbai.

KJSCE also celebrates its Sports Festival  SKream with full grit and determination. It is a grand four day long festival with teams participating from all over India including IIT-B, MIT etc. SKream hosts 14 different sports like cricket, badminton, squash, football, basketball, volleyball, fencing, carrom, chess, table tennis, lawn tennis, athletics etc.

Teams and Clubs :

Orion Racing India is an international racing team of enthusiastic engineers from KJSCE, determined to get the most out of their educational experience. Through passion and commitment, students collaborate as a team to design, build, test and race an open-wheeled formula style racecar that competes in the annual Formula SAE competition. Orion Racing India stood first in the Cost Event at FSG 2016.  Having developed three such cars (Barracuda 600, Itanta and Stallion) the team is presently working on their fourth and their most advanced machine - Rigel.

Teams like Robocon, ETA fuel efficient car, Red Shift Racing ,Onyx Aeromodelling team also have a major part in college’s activities. KJSCE also has clubs like E-Cell Bloombox, Alumni Cell and a developing coding culture with Code-cell and CSI. KJSCE has a widespread clubs like Illuminati for Literary events, Octavium for Music, Rhapsody for Drama, Gyrations and UV dance Team Neotons.  Along with them, we have Emfinity Maths Club, Mindbenders Quiz Club, and campus chapter like IEEE, MESA, SAE, CSI, IETE, ISTE and EESA. All the college festivals and events in KJSCE are handled by the Students' Council which acts as the umbrella organisation for various clubs and committees.



Placements :

Students take admission here because of the placements. Placements at KJ Somaiya College of Engineering (KJSCE) are good and have a track record of placing at least 70% students. Comps and IT being at the top, 95% of the companies are software based companies. Though the average salary is same as any other engineering college that is 2, 50,000/-pa, the highest salary was 9.5 Lakh.



KJ Somaiya College of Engineering (KJSCE)
Vidyanagar, Vidyavihar(E),
Mumbai - 400 077.
Phone 91-22-66449191
Fax : 91-22-25152272
Website : www.somaiya.edu/kjsce



Overall, KJSCE is a very good college and should be amongst the top choices of a student, if s/he resides in this part of Mumbai. For others, travelling becomes a disadvantage. A good bet for an average scorer. While placements is one of the strong plus points of this college; average infrastructure and faculty has been a perrenial problem. With its recent autonomous status, KJ Somaiya will surely strive hard to become one of the top engineering colleges in Mumbai.


+9 #26 Vladimir Putin 2015-10-06 16:42
I'm in Comps. I learn more from YouTube tutorials than I learn in lectures.
-4 #25 Sushant Choudhary 2015-08-04 15:45
KJ Somaiya Engg college is improving at a brisk pace in terms of placements,infr astructure,inte rnship and crowd..many more to list down.
The BEST College to join after VJTI and SPIT in Mumbai.
+23 #24 Somaiyan 2013-11-08 20:34
Best college in mumbai. Even the infrastructure is good.
+13 #23 parth1753 2013-08-31 11:26
best college. even crowd is excellent compared to vjti and sp too..vjti & sp are just a brand...but i must say kjsce is the best and top college in this region...
+27 #22 kj dropout 2013-08-01 15:54
I gotta say it's a really great college... best infrastructure. .. top class placements... flamboyant campus life and crowd.... so many extra-curricula r activities.. teachers were also good.. labs and canteen awesome.. also a pat on the back for stupidsid.. a PERFECT REVIEW.... like an ex-student wrote it..
I left my KJ seat for Sardar Patel electronics... yet I doubt my decision..

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