MIT College of Management (MITCOM), Kothrud


Though not in the heart of Pune, MIT College of Management, Kothrud has very very good accessibility. There are special buses for MIT from Katraj, as well as a few other places. So getting to the college is not very hard, even if you don’t have your own vehicle. But again, in over 50% of the students have their own bikes.



The infrastructure of this particular institute feels like it’s been given a step motherly treatment, looking at the other MIT colleges. The infrastructure at best can be called just okay, and just the bare minimum. Class rooms are small and congested, and the chairs uncomfortable. But the surprising part is that the classes are equipped with latest projectors. We guess, that might be more important than comfortable human seating conditions. The library is very small, just about the size of a classroom. The issues, don’t end here, the students have to climb six floor, because there Is no elevator, which is not only tiring, but also time wasting. Wireless Internet is still not setup, but they say it’s going to be available soon. And there is nothing the students can do in their leisure time.


Courses Offered:

MBA-PGP Programme
•    General Management
•    Retail Business Management
•    Agri & Food Business Management
•    Project & Construction Management

Executive Education
•    Executive MBA
•    Management Development Center


Fees and Placements:

The fees at MITCOM, is Rs. 3.05 Lakh per year for General Management Course, and Rs.3,50,000 for Retail, and Agri management courses.
The placement scene at MITCOM is not something out of the world, or anything to die for. The college does its part in getting companies over to the campus, there on the students have to show their mettle. And a general trend with students over here is that the retail management students are preferred over others. The average salary is around Rs. 3.5 Lakh to Rs.4 Lakh per annum, and the highest has gone till Rs.5 Lakh per annum.



The faculty at MITCOM, are senior and certainly very experienced. They speak in fluent English, and teach their respective subjects well. No issues on that part. But some professors as the students say are arrogant, and their behaviour usually is not in accordance with the class, which the students are put-off with. No other activities apart from academic learning is allowed, nor is the concept of a fresher’s party.
Seminars & Industry Interaction:
Nothing significant.


Crowd & Campus life:

Nothing much can be said about the crowd at MITCOM. In a few words, the crowd is vulgar and absolutely weird. The crowd doing agri management is all the more vulgar and annoying. We would not want to talk more about them anyway. In terms of work-ex, most of the students are freshers, with absolutely no experience at all.
Campus life is pretty hectic, with lectures from 9 A.M. till 6 in the evening on the 6th floor. The climb also adds up to the already hectic life. So technically there is no way to enjoy even a bit of college life.



MAEER's MIT College of Management.
S.No. 124, Saraswati Vishwa Building,"A" Wing,
3rd Floor, MIT Campus, Paud Road, Kothrud,
Pune. 411038.
Phone : +919373038554, +918308004040, +918308007979
E-mail: [email protected]
Website :



Not as good as the other reputed MIT colleges, and certainly lies very low on the preference list of students.


+1 #4 siddheshwa valmiki 2013-12-24 19:45
As far as studies and knowledge is concerned Prof. Das and our Q.T. are most knowledgeable teachers I ever interacted with. My further statements does not have a single word about these two exceptionally fine teachers.

On the other hand MITCOM has worst scheduling and administrative process seems like its only motive is to be anti-students. Most of the staff is arrogant. They should teach in k.g. school :p
Good for Nothing, Top in Show-off smartness, Creativity and innovation isn't supported as per my experience. Maybe none of the student wish to recommend this college to anyone and what's the sense of saying attendance is necessary for intelligence.

Except for a few teachers, all the teaching staff is incapable for such higher level teaching.
+10 #3 mitcom ex- student. 2013-10-30 21:35
Here's a detailed review about the college. Hope it helps.

The campus is really good, no doubt. But as far as other things are concerned like faculty, teaching style etc, i'm sorry to say but its not 'MBA' level. All colleges are strict nothing wrong in that but this one is a bit too much.
University - this college offers a PGP course with which you get YCMOU (Yashwant Rao Chavan OPEN UNIVERSITY) certificate. YCMOU is a distance learning university which has no value at all.
Crowd- there are 3 groups -General MBA, Retail MBA, and AFBM which is agriculture and food business management. The students from Agri are very vulgar and cheap compared to retail and general. As there is no cut off or anything in the college anyone can take admission by giving an interview and a small test taken just for formality. The only requirement is minimum 45% in Graduation. Therefore, the type of people who come here ...well lets not talk about them. 90% of the students here are hostelites.
Activities- As said above, its true that no other activities other than relating to studies are allowed. When our college started the students were sent to certain malls by the college for 'observation'. thats what they had said before. but the students after going there were assigned for sales. Yes, i said sales. Like selling women clothes, electronics etc. from 10-8pm.
Pratibha mam - she teaches excel, always in cross with the students. No one has ever seen her 'smiling' even once. Always looks for a chance to mess with the students and harass them, even the brilliant students.
Swati Bankar - no practical knowledge at all. All she has ever taught is bookish. Shes has no experience of the corporate world.
Soum daas sir - this guy gives a lot of practical knowledge to the students by teaching them true case studies, The only decent teacher in the college.
The rest are visiting faculties, which are good enough but not that great.
other things- There is no 'College life' in this college. No scope for fun, enjoyment nothing. The timings of the college is 9-6 pm .. so students live a pretty hectic life. No time for doing anything at all.. students give up all their other activities.
At the end i would say this college is not worth joining. Students don't get quality education at all. It doesn't matter for the college what the students feel or what they need. Take any other college which are affiliated with PUNE UNIVERSITY ONLY. I agree with the comment posted earlier by anonymous123 that MITSOM and MITCOM are actually better. I hope my review helped. If you still have any doubts you can contact any of the students in person and ask them even they'll give you the same review.
+15 #2 anonymous 123 2013-10-08 22:32
I'm a fresher in this college.. and ya the above review is absolutely correct. This college is very poor compared to MITSOM and MITCOM. The faculty is ok-ok not that great ..only a selected teachers are good. And ya their behaviour is not at all in accordance with us. And don't even ask about the crowd.. its pathetic.. in our class of 70 students only 4-5 students can speak basic English.. its that pathetic. My life has been ruined coz of this college. Wish I didn't select it. i seriously regret it. Guys plz don't take admission here, and as there is no criteria for admission anyone can walk in and join the college, so it has no standard at all.
-19 #1 LOKESH MENARIA 2013-02-10 13:58

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