NCRD Sterling Institute of Management Studies (SIMS), Nerul


Although the official address of NCRD Sterling Institute of Management Studies ends with ‘Nerul, Navi Mumbai the college is closer from Sea Woods Darave Railway Station on Harbour Line. It’s a mere 5 minute walk and thus getting to the college is no big task once you get to Sea Woods Railway Station (which, however, might happen to be difficult if you happen to reside in a completely different corner of Mumbai).



NCRD Sterling Institute of Management Studies does not fail to impress anyone who even so much as spares a glance. Red bricked structure covered with dark brown glass panes is amazing to look at. However, students say that don’t get carried away with all these things as some of the basic requirements inside the building aren’t satisfactory. There’s a shortage of speakers & projectors, Wi-Fi is still not in place and few other such necessities are lacking. Additionally, there is no campus to hang around – it’s just one single building, and that too happens to be shared with the pharmacy college.


Fees & Placements:

NCRD Sterling Institute of Management Studies (SIMS) charges Rs. 1.5 lakh rupees/year for the MMS program.

Placements are mediocre with salaries ranging between 3 lakh per annum to about 5 lakh per annum at its best. Just like most other MBA colleges, students specializing in marketing have better chances of getting a job than the others. Overall a little more than 50% of the students get jobs on campus.



Students claim that the regular faculty could have been better. Barring the professors for marketing and a few other exceptions, students find the lectures boring. Visiting faculty and guest lecturers provide more interesting sessions, they say.


Seminars & Industry Interaction:

Seminars are frequently conducted and the students attend them religiously. However, there should be more opportunities for students to interact feel some. “The college needs to take up some initiatives on this front” says one.


Crowd & Campus Life:

The crowd at NCRD Sterling Institute of Management Studies (SIMS) is from Mumbai and mostly from Navi Mumbai itself. You’ll hardly meet anyone with work experience as most of the students here pursue their post graduation studies immediately after their degree courses. Attendance is strict and 80% needs to be maintained unless you want your internal marks deducted. And to add to your woes, the only place where you could hope to find relief – the canteen – is horrible.



An inter-college festival known as “Zeal” is celebrated at NCRD Sterling Institute of Management Studies in the month of February. Other than this, there’s not much worth mentioning.



NCRD Sterling Institute of Management Studies (NSIMS)
Plot No. 93, Sector 19, Near Sea-Woods Railway Station,
Nerul, Navi Mumbai – 400706.
Phone: 27702282, 27722290



Although NCRD Sterling Institute of Management Studies isn’t a great college to be in, it has enough potential for improvement and thus making a place for itself amongst the top MBA colleges in Mumbai.


+16 #1 Alumni 2013-06-17 21:38
Guys please don't take admission in Sterling management.
They are only running business. No placement & poor faculty
This is not management college they are running but a school. They have committed to students to give 15k salary job but still we are jobless.
Please guys don't go on infrastructure and placement notice which is displayed on notice board. We are suffering from this college and worst college in Navi Mumbai.
Please don't go for such college. They'll ruin your career.

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