Satyawati College, Ashok Vihar, University of Delhi


Satyawati College is closest from Azadpur Metro Station, on the Yellow line, about a 20 minute walk from there. So, in terms of accessibility, it is quite a task for the students. The bus transport, too, is not appreciable since just one bus – 181A, plies close to the college with a horrible frequency.



Satyawati College has a relatively small campus when compared to other North campus colleges under Delhi University (DU). There is just a small dusty ground near the entrance of the college, followed by the main college building. It is home to gloomy, dark classrooms, but a spacious library and well-equipped labs. Internet usage is a difficulty since there is no WiFi and just one lab provides internet access. Currently, there is no hostel facility (though talks are on to provide one) and students residing outside Delhi have to hunt for shelter themselves.


Courses offered under Delhi University (DU):

  • BA (Hons) Economics, English, Hindi, History, Mathematics, Political Science, Sanskrit, Urdu
  • BA Programme
  • B.Com & B.Com (Hons)

All Courses except BA (Hons) Mathematics, Sanskrit & Urdu are also offered in the evening college



Students are of the opinion that the faculty is not very satisfactory and there is a lack of interest in teaching. Majority of the faculty is comprises senior professors who are experienced and knowledgeable but are indifferent to the students’ learning process. Another issue is the lack of teachers, leading to an irregularity in lectures being conducted.



Satyawati College is quite particular about the attendance criteria and anyone below 66% attendance is given warnings followed by letters being shot to parents and ultimately if there is still no improvement at the end of the term, the student is debarred from appearing for the exams.



Read “Hangouts” !



When asked about hangouts, one of the students, after scratching his head for a very long time, quoted,” For hangouts, we have Reebok showrooms  and other multi-brand showrooms close to our college.”  This statement gives a fair idea of the crowd of this college!
According to us, places like Dominos and a popular south Indian joint, Sagar Ratna, are suitable hangout places close to the college.



Satyawati College has a very small canteen with very little sitting space. The food is reasonable in price but is tasteless except for samosas and noodles that are relatively better.



None of the companies visit the college for placements. Students desiring to take up jobs immediately after their graduation, have to apply through the Central Placement Cell (CPC). However, most of the students opt for higher education.



Satyawati College.
Ashok Vihar Phase-III, 
New Delhi. 
Ph:  011-27219570



Satyawati College is one of the least preferred colleges in Delhi University among students, and rightly so.


+14 #1 aman goel 2013-05-27 01:03
There has been a lot of changes in the college in this year. Even I was afraid to take admission over here. But with time things have changed. For eg. new building has proper ambiance of classroom.. a well built auditorium plus now a new sports complex is in the making.. though we are still waiting for a good canteen.
For the hangouts thing: you have a lot of choice within some km of range like DT Shalimar Bagh, NSP.
Crowd is mixed. You will meet all kind of people.
the only problem here is the lack of working societies.
My verdict:
College is getting good in terms of infrastructure, crowd, permissions for forming society is also easy. So don't worry if this college comes to you as an option, take it.

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