SNBP Arts, Science and Commerce College, Pimpri


SNBP Arts, Science and Commerce College is located in the Morwadi area of Pimpri. It’s a bit inaccessible since it’s a 15-20 minute walk from the highway where the PMT buses generally drop. A two-wheeler is always preferable.



The SNBP, Pimpri campus is a small campus which has a L-shaped building and an open space surrounding it. This one building houses a School, a Junior College, an Engineering College (Diploma), a Management College and a Law college alongwith the Arts, Science and Commerce College. The classrooms are shared by the various courses by adjusting the timings. The library is very small, and appears to be like a Nursery School reading room. The students say that the computer labs are well facilitated.



Majority of the faculty in the science department are junior professors with little or no experience. Very few professors are senior and experienced. However, the students are quite satisfied with the teaching. The commerce faculty has more number of senior professors but the students say that they cannot depend on the college teaching and have to take external coaching.



SNBP Arts, Science and Commerce College is very strict about attendance. Students with less than 75% attendance are fined or made to write extra assignments. In extreme cases their parents are called.



Typical village crowd comes here from all parts of Maharashtra.



It looks like a small dhaba with hardly some space to sit during lunch time. “The food is tasty, though”, says a student “But relatively expensive”. Chinese food, Vada Pav and Coffee are favourites.



There’s hardly anything nearby and the students prefer to head straight home. Occasionally, if they do feel to linger around, Akurdi is the nearest well civilized place with Malls and Cinema theatres.



SNBP College of Arts, Science and Commerce
Sant Dnyaneshwar Nagar, Mhada Colony, Morwadi,
Pimpri , Pune 18.



Not the best college around. Avoid if you can. You'll not feel being in a college, like literally there will be school kids running around as you get to your lecture room.

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