Hindu College, North Campus, University of Delhi


Located in the North Campus of Delhi University (DU), Hindu College is situated in the middle of the campus and is easily noticeable by the blue sign boards at regular intervals. The nearest metro station is Vishwavidyalaya (Yes, the name of the station is because of the university and thus one can understand how famous and reputed the campus is) on the Yellow Line and is a minute walk from the main gate of the campus. There are hundreds of cycle rickshaws right at the gate of the university and outside every college within the North campus which charge you Rs. 10. The DTC bus frequency, especially for the North campus, is pretty awesome and drops you to the college gate at a mere cost of Rs. 10. Some prefer to come by their private vehicles while a few choose to walk to the college.  In short, accessibility is not a problem and connectivity is superb.
NOTE: There is a bicycle stand right outside the gate of the university which provides bicycles on a rental basis. The cost is Rs. 10 for four hours. Can’t expect anything cheaper than this!



The students complain of poor infrastructure and facilities – uncomfortable classrooms, frequent water filter break-downs, broken window panes (which invite birds to make the classroom their playground while students are away.) are just few of the complains. The students are of the opinion that the lack of professionalism of the management is to be blamed. Coming to the better things at the college, there is seamless wifi connectivity throughout the campus (slow but free). The rooms of the boys hostel are nice and spacious. The food of the mess is tasty, which make you feel at home, for Rs.40,000 a year. A special consideration for the differently-abled students has been made while designing the hostels with ramps at the doors. There is no girls’ hostel provided by the college.



Rs. 6000-7000 for Humanities;
Rs. 8000-10000 for Sciences.


Courses Offered under University of Delhi :

  • BA Programme & BA (Hons) Economics, English, Hindi, History, Mathematics, Music, Philosophy, Political Science, Sanskrit, Sociology
  • BCom (Hons)
  • B.Sc Applied Physical Sciences (Electronics), Physical Sciences
  • B.Sc (Hons) Botany, Chemistry, Mathematics, Physics, Statistics, Zoology



The perception of the faculty by the outside world is different from what the students here have to say. “It’s just hyped and is nowhere near the best” says a student. The high cut-offs set by the college, ensures that only the intelligent and hardworking students get in, so the results that they produce is an outcome of their efforts. Teachers only contribute a trifle to their result.



66% required as a compulsory university norm to be eligible to appear for the exams. You secure full 5 marks set aside for attendance if you attend 85% or more. Students with genuine reasons to not have been able to attend can produce documents for the same, so it’s flexible on that ground. Students working for the various societies of the college or the ones busy with sports tournaments are considered for less attendance.


Crowd & Campus Life:

The crowd at the Hindu College is very diverse. People from all over the country come to this college. If that were less, there are students coming from the various SAARC countries like Nepal, Bhutan etc because of the reservation kept aside for foreign students. The best part of the college would certainly be the students.



Food at the Hindu college canteen is just average, though it’s quite friendly to your pocket. The canteen is large and spacious, enough to accommodate all the students during the breaks, and at the lunch time.



Kamla Nagar, D-school (Delhi School of Economics) are the most popular places where you find  students going to after regular lectures. The Ridge is also popular for people who wish to take a walk or jog.  Patel Chest is where people go to get their photo copies done, and is a place of great significance for the students.


Campus Placement:

There are no placements as such for the arts departments, as mostly people go for higher studies, or prepare for the UPSC, to join administrative services. For Science the scene is quite different, where many get placed with salaries in the higher sect ranging from 10 - 20 Lakh Rupees a year, where companies like Maruti, Facebook and Google have come to recruit students.



The annual festival ‘Mecca’ is the most sought after at Delhi University. It is one of the best and largest festivals at DU. Popular Pop-music bands like Jal and Euphoria have performed at the college. Mecca is a 4-day long festival held in the month of January / February. Bollywood director, Imtiaz Ali (alumni) was the co-founder of IBTIDA – which is one of the most vibrant societies of the college, and they perform street plays. The college basketball team is the best at DU. Another thing unique to Hindu College, is the College Parliament which organises Mecca, other events, and various administrative work also.



Hindu College, University of Delhi,
University Enclave, 
Delhi - 110007.
Tel: +91-11- 27667184
Website: http://www.hinducollege.org/



Hindu College is the microcosm of what happens in India. It has created a great legacy for itself but doesn’t seem to be living up to it. The only thing that should drag you to this college is the crowd around and a fun-filled campus life.


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