GL Bajaj Institute of Technology and Management, Greater Noida


Located in the Knowledge Park area of Greater Noida, GL Bajaj Institute of Technology and Management is quite inaccessible, to be honest. If you're travelling by the metro, then Noida Sector 18 is the nearest station. From here, you'll have to take one of the buses that would drop you off at Pari Chowk, from where once more you'll have to take a share-rickshaw (don't pay more than Rs.10) to the college. Phew!



The campus is still under construction, and as of now isn’t too great, but hopefully things will improve. Classrooms are average while the non air conditioned library is quite decent. All laboratories are air conditioned and the campus is wifi enabled. There’re hostels for both boys and girls although it must be mentioned that only one geyser works per floor.



Rs.  1,28,000/- per year



Some students are full of praise for the professors but this praise is by no means unequivocal. But fortunately, most students agree that whatever the professors teach is understandable. Communication with professors is normally in English although that might not always be a desirable thing. Most of the teachers are senior professors, and that’s why students claim that this is one of the best faculties in Greater Noida.



The college is very strict about the attendance. Calls to parents are terribly common, even if you miss a single lecture for the day. Students are expected to maintain 90% attendance. Madness!



The crowd is extremely average, majority of the students being from Uttar Pradesh and Bihar. Delhi-ites comprise just 20 to 30% of the crowd which makes the overall crowd a bit better. Stuff like ragging is rarely seen on the campus and the management is pretty strict about the same. Boys outnumber the girls.



As the college is located in a pretty remote locality, don't expect any kind of hangouts here. One has to travel for at least 5-7 kilometers to Botanical Garden or Noida Sector 18 where you can expect some local food joints and famous cafe's. Knowledge Park certainly lacks in terns of hangouts.


Although the canteen is quite spacious and hygienic, it’s also very costly, and it’s not even like the food quality is anything to be proud of. Non veg isn’t available so you might have to go outside college in search for it. And you won’t get there anything either as well.



For engineering, the placements  at GL Bajaj Institute of Technology and Management are decent. Which means most students do get placed even though it’s just TCS, the highest (and probably only) recruiter. The management placements are pretty average though companies like TCS, HSBC, Bata and many local Delhi companies visit the college campus during the placement season.



GL Bajaj Institute of Technology and Management
Plot No. 2, Knowledge Park III, Greater Noida, Distt. G.B.Nagar,
Uttar Pradesh.
Tel: +91-120-2323818



While the quality of education is quite decent, there are definitely a million better colleges.

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