Jawahar Engineering College (JEC), Vadapalani


Jawahar Engineering College is located in busy Saligramam area. It is one of the few colleges which are located in the proper city. It is very well accessible because of its proximity to Vadapalani bus depot. Because of it being in the city itself and having good accessibility most of the students use public transport. Around 20% of the students use their own vehicle too.



The college is still under construction with just one building functional right now. There are printing press and other small workshops on the campus which probably have been there before the college was established. The campus is still not well developed. Even the classrooms and other parts of the college hopefully will be furnished again. The classrooms and labs aren't yet painted, there walls have temporary distemper. Labs don’t seem to be completely equipped, just the essential stuff. The college doesn’t have a big library.

College doesn’t have any hostel facility as of now. College has tie ups with few private hostels and students are accommodated there.



Rs 35,000



The faculty is a mixture of experienced ones and fresher. Every department has at the most 2 experienced teachers and the rest are not experienced. The faculty is not the best but students seem happy somehow. They do claim to understand what the teacher is teaching.


Attendance and Discipline:

Attendance is dealt with very strictly here. Students are required to maintain around 75% attendance defaulting which you need to produce a medical certificate. You are allowed low attendance only on the pretext of medical reason otherwise you may be debarred from appearing for the exam.



Jawahar Engineering College has crowd from the outskirts of Chennai. Most of the students here haven’t done very well in their plus two exams. There are few students and all of them each other.



There isn’t any canteen yet. There are certain packed items available in the staff room which seems to be an ad hoc store. There are the members of the staff itself taking care of the small so called store.



No festival has taken place yet.



Not applicable as the first batch hasn’t passed yet.


Contact Address:

Jawahar Engineering College (JEC)
No 54, K.K. Road, Kaveri Rangan Nagar,
Saligramam, Near Vadapalani bus depot,
Chennai 600093.
Email: jec_chennai@yahoo.com
Webmail: http://www.jecchennai.in



Jawahar Engineering College (JEC) is a relatively new college. One should consider it only after the college has established itself properly. As of now keep it should be kept just as your safe option.


0 #1 abinayavelusamy 2014-03-10 13:54
nice college

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