Dr. Ambedkar Institute of Technology (Dr. AIT), Nagarbhavi

1. Dr. AIT is an autonomous college under VTU i.e. they have their own curriculum, exams and rules but the degree is given by VTU. Also it is aided by the Government of Karnataka
2. Students are admitted only through Karnataka CET scores and a few Management seats.


Dr. Ambedkar Institute of Technology (DAIT) is located in the Western outskirts of Bangalore very close to the Bangalore University’s Jnana Bharati campus. Some call the area Nagarbhavi, while some others call it Kengute... doesn’t matter, just reach near the University campus and ask for ‘Ambedkar College’, anyone will guide you from there. No problems with bus accessibility.



DAIT is an old Government Institution, so poorly maintained building and dusty classrooms are expected and acceptable. But what students feel is that the condition is deteriorating year on year, with even the labs not having appropriate equipments and apparatus, library having a shortage of new edition books and an acute shortage of classrooms for the number of courses which are running at the college.



Govt. aided: Rs 18,090 per year
Non-aided: Rs 36,090 per year



Dr. Ambedkar Institute of Technology (Dr. AIT) is known to have a lot of senior and knowledgeable faculty members but students say they are very “unmotivated” and leaving apart a few exceptions are not really able to deliver their knowledge and experience in the correct way. Mechanical is said to be worst among all departments where many lectures are cancelled because the teachers don’t attend classes.


Attendance & Discipline:

Strict attendance rules have been laid out wherein students have to compulsorily attend 85% of the lectures and practicals. A further 10% relaxation is officially allowed if you can produce the necessary medical documents but below that you can expect a shower of serious problems. However, a good rapport with the teachers can get you through, so make sure you don’t fall into their bad books during the semester, however bad they may treat you. Its autonomous state is an advantage here; as they would try and push you through.



Since admissions happen only through Karnataka CET (and a few management seats) you won’t find too many North Indians here except for the ones who’ve settled in Bangalore or other parts of Karnataka. A reputed Government institute with a good subsidy on fees means a lot of hardworking chaps from rural areas all over Karnataka who cannot afford other higher fee demanding colleges. Few students here are ACTUALLY involved in extracurricular activities like music or dance (less support for such activities from the college has further brought down this number).



The canteen isn’t sufficiently big to accommodate even 50 students at one time and during the lunch hour, the number of students entering the canteen goes much higher than 50. Imagine the state of chaos! With so many people ordering different food items, the temperatures shoot up by at least 100C. So with sweat trickling down their foreheads and into the food, the caterers try their best to serve every individual at the quickest but are later on blamed for ‘unhygienic’ sweaty food. Costs are higher than what a canteen at a Government college should have.



Nothing as close as to stopover every day.



“Not being organized this year” says a student, who would perhaps have removed all his frustration on us had we asked him any more details. Maybe he was supposed to be the president of the fest and the college disallowed... just guessing!



Two mass recruiters, TCS and HCL, make sure you get placed as long as you’re eligible (which generally requires a 60% average and no current back logs). Highest salary goes to around Rs. 5 or 6 lakhs a year but not more.



Dr. Ambedkar Institute Of Technology (DAIT)
Near Jnana bharathi Campus, Bangalore 560 056.
Tel: +91-80-23211505/506/507
Website: www.dr-ait.org



A very average institution which some feel has further deteriorated after attaining autonomy. Recommended only if “High Fees” is a problem.


+2 #11 sindy 2013-11-22 01:24
Major disadvantage is the lack of proper placements, only 1 company TCS is the lone recruiter and there is lot of partiality even while placing students in this company.
After getting autonomous status the college level has deteriorated by 40%.
Rest all the factors is somehow manageable, though I would recommend to search and join some other better college.
-4 #10 Mike.blr.uni 2013-08-31 05:14
I have failed in 1 subject in my final year exam. this subject will make wait 1 year to take a re-exam to be graduated. can't imagine that I have to waste 1 year of my life because 1 sub what a *** system they have to fix this
All uni in the world have a summer exams
+2 #9 94abhilash 2013-08-26 19:53
The best dept is ec dept but u can find many nerdy ppl there.the major problem is the visible differences between SC/ST's and GM ppl. They have even a seperate free hostel for SC/ST's which they are building now. Our secretary is very bad,he does not give a damn about colleges overall development. bad maintained labs,toilets + all basic amenties. i can't think of any gud things about this colege apart from low fee (very less for SC/ST's).
-5 #8 kantharaj 2013-08-23 14:28
Short & best information
+17 #7 manoj kumar k 2013-02-08 18:39
1)Low Fees..(around 18000 rs)
2)Easy accessibility.( college itself is a landmark in this area)
3)Lots of Hardworking students( because 95% seats are filled through cet)
4)Good food and Infrastructure in Hostel (Mixed opinion about this)
5) about 30% of lecturers are PhD's. and almost all have a M Tech degree.
1)Poor infrastructure and shortage of class rooms.
2) uncooperative Staff(in some labs attenders are the bosses, they are always rude towards the student)
3)Lack of core companies for placements(no mechanical company has visited since 3 years)
4)Not much participation in fests ( one must pass many hurdles if he has to organise anything in this college.)
5)Management is non cooperative.
6) a polytechnic college in the same campus (those guys occupy all the places around our college. And act like they are kings here)
7) And. yes of course Reservation is the major disadvantage.
8) autonomous status.
Verdict : same as above-Recommend ed only if “High Fees” is a problem.

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