MVJ College of Engineering (MVJCE), Channasandra

Note: No admissions happen through UGET (COMEDK).


MVJ College of Engineering (MVJCE) is located in Channasandra, near the International Tech Park in the Whitefield area. It is about 20 km from city centre but accessiblity is pretty good owing to efficient service by BMTC. The college also provides bus facility but most students still prefer public transport.



The campus puts up a pleasant environment; enough parking space, gardens, cafeterias and an outstanding auditorium. The classrooms are well lit, well ventilated and are equipped with comfortable seating. After undergoing a revamp recently, the labs have been equipped with latest instruments. There is a high speed Wi-Fi connectivity all over the campus. For all you fitness freaks - the campus houses a well equipped modern gym.

MVJ College of Engineering (MVJCE) provides hostel facility with single, twin and triple sharing options available. The rooms are clean and provide for all the basic facilities. Hostel fees range between 50-60K per year including vegetarian food. Non-veg lovers will have to go outside to fulfil their meat craving.



Rs 137,500 per year



The faculties of MVJCE are a blend of new and experienced ones. The new ones are having at least 3 years of teaching experience. Students from Computers, Electronics, Aeronatical, Civil and Mechanical branches are pretty much satisfied with their teachers. Guest lectures by personnel from companies and research institutes such as IISC are a regular feature at MVJCE.


Attendance and Discipline:

MVJ College of Engineering (MVJCE) is very particular about attendance and recommends an attendance of 85% in each subject. A further 10% relaxation may be granted on producing valid medical documents or other such genuine reason, but anything below 75% and expect to get detained. Monthly update of student attendance and internal scores are communicated to the parents by the proctors.

Disciplinary rules such as no slippers allowed, no round-neck tshirts, no mobiles allowed, no hanging around in the campus during lecture hours, i-cards to be worn all the time, boys & girls to sit in separate rows in class are strictly adhered to.



With just about 50% local students, the crowd here is cosmopolitan. Students from all parts of the country are seen here. The ratio of Boys to girls is 60:40.



Another positive for this college, a big spacious and well organized canteen serving tasty food at extremely reasonable rates. 'Naan Curry', 'Chana Bhatura' and 'Noodles' are most popular amongst students here.

There's also a Coffee Day outlet, right beside the canteen, for those who are looking for some change.



Nothing in the close proximity of the college. However, students do go to various malls which have come up recently such as - Forum Mall (5km), Park Square Mall (5km) and Phoenix Market City (8km). These malls present plenty of options for shopping, eateries and movies.



'Swayam' is an intercollege cultural festival celebrated at MVJ College of Engineering (MVJCE) sometime in April. Popular bands such as Parikrama, Swaratma, Euphoria, Bombay Vikings have performed here in the past. Another separate technical fest called 'Vertech-X' is also organized in April. Besides that, they have the usual ethnic day, annual day or college day.



The college brings over 70 companies each year for recruitment. TCS, HCL, Wipro & I-gate are the major recruiters offering average salaries of Rs 3 LPA. All the eligible candidates from CS, IS, ECE, EEE and Aero get placed. Overall 90% students are placed in at least one company. Core companies such as General Motors, SAP, Schneider Electric, VM Ware have visited MVJCE for on campus recruitment. The highest salary offered till date is 9 lakhs by Yahoo.



MVJ College of Engineering (MVJCE)
Near ITPB, Channasandra, Bangalore - 560 067

Mobile: +91 - 95354-99083 / 95354-99465
Land Line: +91-80-2845-4505 / 2845-4536 / 2845-4537 / 2845-4538



A 'Developing' college we would say, with infrastructure & placements improving year on year. A little strict on discipline, but there are even stricter engineering colleges in Bangalore. If you can't make it to the coveted ones, go for MVJCE.


0 #18 Awesum 2014-05-15 14:48
Guys this college is not that bad, try reading reviews of other colleges like CMRIT, New Horizon etc. Our college is much better than them. May be some faculty members are not good but it doesn't mean all are bad. we have many good and supportive faculty members as well. So be calm and keep studying :P
0 #17 yash parekh 2014-04-14 01:30
Please don't take admission in this college cause this college ain't no good and the faculties uses crap logic everywhere... this college is a school... and if you are coming from north India you will not like this college even a little bit... Please DON'T TAKE ADMISSION IN THIS COLLEGE.. IT WILL RUIN YOUR LIFE...
+4 #16 paramesha 2014-04-04 13:30
Not satisfied with this college
+7 #15 Rajeev1236448 2014-02-19 21:51
For those who are looking for college life, this is surely NOT THE PLACE TO COME. College is more like a school and the faculty literally treat you like that. We students are highly disappointed. I am saying so because I am present batch student 1st year. So please CONSIDER ANOTHER COLLEGE. IT'S NOT EVEN IN COMEDK.
+4 #14 Monishamayavan 2014-02-19 10:24
I joined in 2006 in telecom branch at MVJCE. This department is horrible. Students in telecom have to study by them self. Can't expect any help from the faculties there. Worst department and pls don't join there you will for sure hate your life. They ruined mine through internal marks and I had lot of back logs .. too many internal grudges. Thank God I am out of this college now.

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