KNS Institute of Technology (KNSIT), Yelahanka


KNS Institute of Technology (KNSIT) is located about 3 to 4 kms from Yelahanka Railway Station and on the road running parallel to the Bangalore-Hyderabad Highway. The place appears quite deserted yet one or two BMTC buses ply right outside the college with a frequency of about 10-15 minutes. So although it’s far reaching the college isn’t really too tough.



Students claim to be unsatisfied with the college infrastructure. Although there’s nothing lacking in particular everything from labs to classrooms and library are good enough to only just keep them going.

Hostels are slightly are better with few or no complaints. Hostel’s fees come to about Rs. 45-50K per year. Numerous guest houses lined up right outside the college are also preferred by a lot of students.



For Karnataka CET students: Rs. 41,590/- per year
For UGET (COMEDK) students: Rs. 1.4L per year
Additionally Rs. 15,000-odd is charged as miscellaneous fee.



“Teaching is not amazing or anything, but it’s not unacceptable as well” say a group of students from KNS Institute of Technology (KNSIT).



KNS Institute of Technology (KNSIT) recommends a 85% attendance which most students fail to adhere to and are then fined Rs. 200 per subject. The fines sometimes go as high as Rs. 10,000 for those with attendance less than 25-30%. Detentions happen only in extreme cases.



Loads of mischievous chaps! KNSIT is somewhat a favourite of average scorers from North Indian states like Bihar, Jharkhand and Uttar Pradesh and they form almost 30-35% of the crowd. The rest are from Bangalore & other parts of Karnataka. A lot of students here come from rural backgrounds and it’s a bit difficult to mingle with them. Late night alcohol parties are common amongst those staying as PGs.



Wonderful. No issues.



Step outside the gate, look to your left and right, all you see is an endless road with some bushes and dries grass growing over the near-barren land on both sides of the road. But fortunately right in front are a few food stalls and eateries where you can spend a few bunked lectures.



A small festival with a different name each year happens in April. It’s supposedly an intercollege festival, but little participation from other colleges ultimately makes it intra.



This is a BIG downside of KNSIT. Only 25-30% of the students get placed, partly due to the poor academic performance of the students and partly due to inadequate efforts by the college. “If you’re above 60% overall, you have good chances of getting placed here” says a student “but companies offer packages only between Rs. 2-3 lakh per year, which is pretty less compared to many other engineering colleges in Bangalore” she continues. Local companies like SNQ & Syntel are regular recruiters.



KNS Institute of Technology (KNSIT)
Hegde Nagar, Kogilu Road, Tirumenahalli,
Yelahanka Hobli, Bangalore - 560 064
Phone: 080-28567955, 28567957



KNS Institute of Technology (KNSIT) falls behind because of its average faculty and ill-behaved crowd most of who are least interested in academics. Avoid unless you wish to just freak out for four years with absolutely no focus on studies.


+13 #16 Soundrya 2013-11-07 14:20
I am 2013 batch passout and I would like to say that it is a very good college in North Bangalore.
KNSIT is well recommended. Here even in recession times, we were getting chance to attend Placement drives where as other colleges facing problems about the same.
-6 #15 Pankaj11 2013-11-05 17:25
It is one of the worst college. Neither Good lecturer nor the placement. Before taking admission just enquire with KNSIT students. I don't recommended it. It cost me dearly. This college spoiled my career. if you don't want to get placed in reputed MNCs, you can come and take admission here.
-5 #14 grrrr! 2013-09-01 13:50
The infrastructure looks better now, but only from the outside. They have painted it with some vibrant colors. And the wash rooms are still in bad condition!!!!
The college got its name board while we were in the third year!! (by the way, I'm a 2013 pass out). The Graduation Ceremony was conducted FOR THE FIRST TIME in 2013, despite the college being founded in 2001. Placements are very poor. ECE dept have lect. who unnecessarily make a great fuss of little things and their teaching is nearly average.

The management is very frank in admitting that they would give "0%" encouragement to all those who are interested in sports !!!! (yes, this was once told to me by the management), but they very much want the trophies that the students won so that they can keep it as a show piece in the college office.

The final year students are likely to have a tough time here in case they opt to do their final year project in college, because the faculty does not have the knowledge to guide them. Only one or two lecturers are capable of guiding students to do a final year project!!

The ECE HOD's and Principal's positions has been very unstable and our batch alone has seen 4 ECE HODs and 4 Principals in these 4 years!

On directly enquiring all these among the students, you'll get to know that these are facts..
+9 #13 sonu.s 2013-08-01 12:28
This is a well recommended and it's a result oriented college
+14 #12 mahan Kumar Jha 2013-08-01 11:45
It is a good college, don't listen to all the slakers' messages shown above, they might be those losers who have not studied in the college. I myself had good experience in KNSIT. I got placed in Infosys. I should thank full to the college.

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