Mahatma Gandhi Mission's College of Engineering and Technology (MGMCET), Kalamboli


It takes 10 mins in rickshaw to reach Mahatma Gandhi Mission's College of Engineering and Technology (MGMCET) from Khandeshwar Railway station on Harbour Rly. (costs around Rs. 25). It is located near the start of the Mumbai-Pune expressway, real close to the McDonalds where you halt to have a snack while going to Lonavala.



They say its probably not worth the price you are paying. Still, recently some improvement has been done. The labs are well-equipped and resourceful, class rooms are spacious. The campus is huge but doesn’t look lively. Infra is being improved but at a slow rate.



BTech Fee: Rs. 82,800/year

MTech Fee: Rs. 55,000/year



80% of the students at Mahatma Gandhi Mission's College of Engineering and Technology get placement. The average package is Rs. 3 lac p.a.



Most of the teachers are fresh graduates themselves. Some get pissed when doubts are asked, whereas some are chilled out. Biomedical branch has the best faculty. If you want some serious studying done, then this is not the place for you.



Students with exponentially decreasing attendance figures such as 30% to 3% to 0.3% have been found to get away easily. So no problems on this front. “Just produce a fake medical certificate and it’ll do the work for you”, says one of their student.



Majority of the students come from villages. 5% are said to be ‘impossible to last a conversation with’. Students say that you cannot possibly hangout with this crowd except if you fall into one of the above categories.



The food was not edible once upon a time. At the most, you could have Pepsi. “With anything else”, says a student, “you may have been risking your life.” However, things have changed now and the canteen is a much better place. Students love the canteen now.



You will have to travel to Khargar or Belapur for spending some quality time with friends. There is a "tapri" outside college which is patronized by many students. Most of the students dont really travel, they prefer chilling on the campus itself.



The technical festival ‘Crysalis’ takes place in September. Cultural festival Arete comes around mid-March. Model rocketing is a novel event in the tech-fest of Mahatma Gandhi Mission's College of Engineering and Technology (MGMCET)


Contact Address:

Mahatma Gandhi Mission's College of Engineering and Technology (MGMCET)
Junction NH-4, Sion Panvel Expressway,Navi Mumbai - 410 209
Tel No: 022-27423403/022-65138119



Stay away if you want to live and have a life. The crowd is depressing and there are no pretty faces to give respite. Everything and everyone takes a lot of time in getting things done, especially anything which has some form filling.


-4 #61 vishakha 2014-06-26 15:42
the campus is good.. though faculty is not that great but you'll definitely find some good teachers.. submissions doesn't bother that much to some teachers but some may harass you on personal vibes...
studies depends wholly on you no matter which clg you're in...
crowd is good and hardly some come from village..
infrastructure is good..
you'll have a good time here if you are with right grp..
+8 #60 rifi 2014-02-04 21:04
ok-ok college
ok-ok campus
ok-ok placements
ok-ok infra
but not ok for 90000.
+10 #59 U_R_Not_In_LaLa_Land 2013-10-05 20:23
I would request each one of you reading this... Don't come to this college please! I wasted my 4 years here, sure I made friends & had fun...but come on, this is not all you want from life... besides you can get friends, fun, and most importantly a good job from colleges far far better than MGM. This colleges is one of the worst colleges in Navi Mumbai.. please I beg of you, don't take admission in this college! I have friends here, who were optimistic like the person below, and are now regretting, seriously!!! If you are content with below average education and are ready to run for jobs off campus (because there is no placement here, trust me!) then you are gladly welcome here. Also, the staff is very un-supportive and they don't give a damn abt your education or anything for that matter... they don't even bother to complete the syllabus. So, bottom line...this colleges' a waste of money n time!

One more thing, you don't want to pay 98,000 (or may be more, idk, coz every year the fees increases drastically!!) to have fun in a crap hole....
+10 #58 name doesn,t mateer 2013-09-30 10:26
College stinks always and librarian are rude
+4 #57 IGNORE LOOSERS TALK 2013-09-12 23:26
SEE.. I'm a 1st year student...
I'm going to tell you what I personally feel about this college...
A UNIQUE life experience..
So big campus.. 1 of the biggest in Mumbai university..!!
You will interact with medical, dental, physiotherapy, nursing, mass media, bsc students..!!
A big playground !! OK ok canteen you can also go to cafeteria or nearby McD..
The crowd is bit cheapo !! but find a good friend circle.. usually everyone lives in their groups!! crowd is not an issue..
You will surely get students like you...!!
Teaching faculty is avg... you can find good simultaneously bad teachers.. (usually every college faces this problem)
Placement is good..!!
COME and enjoy..
HARBOUR LINE...1. RAIT, 2. MGM... I personally feel this

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