Acharya Institute of Technology (AIT), Soldevanahalli


Located in the far northwest region of Bangalore, Acharaya Institute of Technology is built on the main campus of Acharya Institutes. The college is pretty far from the main road hence not easily accessible unless you have a two wheeler or are ready to spend a good amount on the auto rickshaws. The college provides bus facility whose charges are proportionate to the distance you stay from the college. BMTC bus 250 drops you to the college but the frequency isn’t impressive. Chikkabanavara is the nearest railway station and some prefer to travel by train. In short, the college is not easily accessible but it’s very famous, so reaching here shouldn’t bother you much.



Excellent! Well, students claim that it has one of the best infrastructures in any college within the city and/or state. Classrooms are air conditioned (which is rare in Bangalore engineering colleges) , excellently maintained, hi-tech facilities, equipped with a wifi internet connection and hugely spaced out. The campus has almost 10 buildings for different department of engineering and other courses. College premise is not at all cluttered and you can see a lush green plantation throughout the campus. Library is superb and has books for all the courses in abundance. There is a separate library only for reference books. Cricket stadium, a huge playground, volleyball, basketball and table tennis court completes the magnificent artwork of the college.
Hang on! The striking feature of the architecture of every building is that its made in the shape of the initials of every department when seen from the top. (For ex.: M for Mechanical, E for Electrical). Have a look at the satellite view to believe us.

Hostel facilities are equally top notch. From clean and widely spaced bedrooms and washrooms to hygienic mess food, everything is perfect when it comes to hostel life. Yeah, you’ve to spend a whopping 1 lakh per annum for the hostel rent.



For Karnataka CET students: Rs. 36,090/- per year
For UGET (COMEDK) students: Rs. 1.25L per year



Professors at AIT, well that’s what the students call it fondly, are highly qualified and have got their PhD and M.Tech degrees. Infact, students say that it’s a mandatory rule in Acharya to have these requirements. Along with a good number of senior faculties, you can expect to meet teachers with a minimum experience of 5 years. Mechatronics department is pretty good. Almost every lecture is conducted in English while a few teach in Kannada as well. Student-teacher rapport is healthy and students are pretty much interested in attending lectures. Lucky professors!


Attendance & Discipline:

Acharya follows the strict VTU norm of 75% failing which students will not be allowed to give their mid semester exams. The management allows to compensate for the low attendance by covering in the next semester failing which students are detained. Though there have not been a lot of cases in the past but the authorities can act strict any time. Also, a lot of warnings are given throughout the semester, so chances of detaining are VERY less.



At Acharya Institute of Technology, you can expect to meet a diversified crowd though most of them hail from the city of Bangalore. Students from North, especially Bihar, and North east regions are seen in the college. Boys to girls’ ratio is almost equal; certainly not the same for core branches.  Crowd is friendly, enjoys/celebrates college activities and focus on their academics also. There are a lot of inter department events held round the year and the participation is mind blowing. In short, students study and party equally.



College canteen serves decent food at economical rates. It’s widely spaced and you can expect a decent variety in the food. Quality, too, is pretty good!



Acharya Institutes is a huge campus which itself is a hangout place. Apart from the canteen, there is a sandwich cum soda stall which is jam-packed with students primarily because of its excellent taste and lower rates. Jalahalli cross and Rock Line mall are the happening areas next to the campus where you see Acharya-ites chilling. There is a smoking joint next to the college where you see a lot of MBA students as well. As the location isn’t very accessible, places too aren’t hi-fi but students some how manage their non academic life.



Acharya Habba, inter college festival of Acharya Institutes, is supposedly the biggest college festival in Bangalore.



Companies like Infosys, Mahindra, Bosch, Wipro, Michelin Tyres, etc. are seen in the Acharya campus during the placement season. Infosys is the mass recruiter of all and offers jobs to around 100-150 students every batch. If you meet the basic requirements, you can be rest assure of getting a job though the trend shows that around 60%-70% of the students get placed in every batch. Students feel that the placement scenario should improve and more companies should visit the college.



Acharya Institute of Technology
Acharya Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan Road,
Soldevanahalli, Hesarghatta Main Road,
Bangalore-560 090. Karnataka.
Tel: +91 080 - 28396011, 28372330, 28390117.



Well not the best of engineering colleges in Bangalore, Acharya Institute of Technology lacks in great placements and excellent location. Despite these two heavy drawbacks, diversified crowd, well spaced beautiful green campus and perfect hostel facilities are the plus point of this college.


+13 #5 sanjana09 2013-07-30 16:03
The college infrastructure is awesome as you know and placements and faculty are also good 70% to 80% are getting placed every year and faculty is awesome for Mech, EC, CS, EEE and these are the best points and bad points are nearly 13km from center of the city and hostel is pretty costly but excellent facilities. NO RAGGING in this college
+9 #4 Anshumann 2013-07-22 08:26
This college is not too good in placement. If you love only infrastructure then this college is for you.
Mechanical, Electrical, ECE is good and CSE is average. But Information Science is worst. Faculty and Management don't think about Info Science student. Faculty and placement is not good for Information Science Engineering
+39 #3 anjali sharma 2013-05-12 20:13
Guys if you are interested in roaming a beautiful garden then join this college. If not a 70% scoring student then forget about getting placed. Fests are good. For internal notes are given & also some questions are provided before hand so no tension & getting internal marks. College fees are very expensive. They think we are NRI class or some foreigners who can cough up enough for their building construction and lecturers salary! Even the college is very interior i.e, some 3-4km from the main road.. Volvo and auto are available till 6pm only and later it is your problem to find a way to reach home.. so better have a private vehicle. College buses are very expensive.. if you have already chosen this college then try to get CS/IS dept .. they are very good in terms of teaching, placements, notes are provided.. ALL THE BEST :)
-1 #2 akshay123 2012-07-25 23:31
Acharya Habba is Nothing compared to "UTSAV".
+19 #1 NISCHAY 2012-06-05 22:58

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