Bharat Institute of Technology & Science for Women (BITSW), Ibrahimpatnam


Bharat Institute of Technology & Science for Women (BITSW) is a 15-minute walk off Nagarjuna Sagar Road from Mangalpally 'X' roads about 25 kms from central Hyderabad and approximately 5 kms before Ibrahimpatnam, a distant suburb in South-Eastern Hyderbad. More than half the students prefer travelling by College Buses which charge up to Rs. 15,000 per month. The remaining travel by RTC buses or their own vehicles.



The campus is humongous and houses a few more institutes apart from Bharat Institute of Technology & Science for Women (BITSW). There's plenty of greenery, first-class sports facilities and modern infrastructure. Moreover, the library is stocked with sufficient new edition books. Accessing Internet is an issue though, as there's no Wi-Fi and the digital library isn't easily allowed to use. Also there are no hostels in the campus.



Rs. 35,000 for convenor seats



Bharat Institute of Technology & Science for Women (BITSW) has been working hard to rope in experienced professors. Standard of teaching has improved a lot since compared when the college was just started. Now they claim to have as good faculties as their sister institute BIET.


Attendance & Discipline:

Bharat Institutions are moderately strict about attendance. Students failing to comply with the recommended criterion of 75% attendance are given warnings and charged fines. Those who happen to miss more than 50% of the lectures and practicals significantly increase their chances of losing a year. College timing is 9:30 am to 4:00 pm and the gates remain closed most of this time. So you have to enter before 10 am and cannot leave before 3:00 pm. 



Not something to brag about but yes you can live with them. Students take part in the college festival and other extra curricular activities. You might meet a lot of spendthrift crowd at Bharat Institutions.



You have a couple of choices when it comes to canteen food. A BIG canteen just outside the premises, a small canteen next to Bharat Institute of Engineering & Technology (BIET), a separate canteen for the Women's Engineering College and another one for the Pharmacy College offer different food varieties, tastes and prices. Keep trying different combinations and you'll figure what suits you best.



There's nothing outside the campus and if you ever get a chance to hang around you'll have to go right up to BN Reddy Nagar (about 15 kms from here) to find something worthy.



'Zoratech' is an annual college festival celebrated in February or March. Technical events  like workshops on Robotics are common during the fest.


Contact Address:

Bharat Institute of Technology & Science for Women (BITSW)
Mangalpally (V), Ibrahimpatnam (M),
Ranga Reddy, Hyderabad -  501 510.



Bharat Institute of Technology & Science for Women (BITSW) has nothing to offer except the legacy of Bharat Institutions. Probably explains why a lot of seats go vacant.

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