Shankersinh Vaghela Bapu Institute of Technology (SVBIT), Unava, Gandhinagar


Bapu Gujarat Knowledge Village is the campus that SVBIT is a part of along with  the pharmacy and management schools. The campus is spread over 25 acres, and every inch of it is meticulously planned and utilized. Located in a remote village called Vasan, just by SH-71, Bapu campus (as is fondly known) is about 15KM north of Gandhinagar, and about 25KM from Ahmedabad. The easiest way to get to the college would certainly be getting your own vehicle, as public transport here is not convenient. Buses are at an interval of about an hour, and VTCOS buses are also infrequent. An important landmark here is the Vasaniya Mahadev Temple, a humongous 51 feet Lord Hanuman idol resides in the temple, and is a place of significance, and its right on the highway so getting ST buses for Ahmedabad is tad bit easier. About 25-30% student get their own vehicles to college, and many opt for college buses, which charge Rs.4,000 per semester for Gandhinagar; and Rs.9,000 for Ahmedabad. Although feels secluded, but the area is safe, even later in the day, but transportation back to the city may be an issue. 



The Engineering college is divided into 3 blocks for the different departments. Although the campus and the academic blocks are planned pretty well, the interiors of the classes haven’t been paid much attention to. One such case would be the windows situated on both sides of the blackboard which glares the students and the readability of the blackboard is reduced. The library is allotted the entire ground floor and is indeed huge; text books and other reference books are available seating capacity is also nice. The first year labs and workshops are taken care of well, but later in the core subjects there is an acute lack of machines and equipment required for the practicals. Most of the times practical sessions are just a mere formality, when all students do is while away time. The computer labs are good though, which is really not a task to setup compared to other core engineering branch facilities. Students can access internet at the labs without much restrictions, or at the library. Students say that there are about 15-20 copies of every title, so those who rush early, issue them leaving none for those who are late. Also other issues students face is that they need to get books that are more useful, and relevant rather than studying from the vast reference books. 

Hostels: Residing at the hostels is pretty decent and the rooms are big and spacious. The food at times, during the monsoon season does get nasty, but now it’s taken care of. Doctors visit the hostel regularly. The rooms and the washroom areas are maintained clean. The charges for the hostel is Rs.50,000 per year all inclusive. For individual rooms, the charges are about Rs.5,000 more. 



Rs.49,000 per year.



The faculties on one hand is absolutely sincere and dedicated about their job, but most including senior faculties too face communication issues, so many switch to Gujarati often. And of course there are some insensitive faculties who annoy students till the end of the semester for their submissions. Such professors are few, but students really dislike them. Also some faculties that are outstanding are E-commerce, Theory of Machines and Power Plant Engineering. Yet a lot can improve here. Overall considering all the aspects, students claim that Mechanical Department is certainly better than all other departments in the college. Yet some feel that the faculties behave differently with students based on the marks they score, and this annoys many. Submissions and vivas are also conducted as if they were doing a favour for the students. Viva for some also become a public humiliation session. For many teachers the college proves to be a learning ground for training of the teachers. 



Students need to maintain at least 50% attendance and anything below that could land you in trouble, you could be barred from taking the midterm test, and to make it worse, there are no blacklists to warn students of poor attendance and direct action is taken against them at the end of the semester. So students need to be cautious and maintain 50% attendance themselves. Falling short of attendance even in a single subject can get you barred from mid-term exams of all the subjects. In worst case; you could also be disqualified for appearing for the GTU semester exams. Cell phone usage could also be a problem at times, so being careful is advised. 



About 70% of the entire crowd comes from Ahmedabad and Gandhinagar cities, while the rest hail from different parts of the state, and manage their stay at hostels around, or live as paying guests. The interaction between students of various years is decent good, and seniors help their juniors with notes and other study material. People are generally nice and mix well. The ratio of boys to girls is 70:30, and the interaction is good. And if you’re seen in the corridors you would be made to attend lectures.



The space allotted for the canteen area is good but the food served at the canteen is basically tasteless and is absolutely inedible as the students say. In fact students even get disgusted by the evening tea which is just bad. The only savior is Bajrangi Dhaba, which is priced reasonably and tastes very good. 



None. Around the college there is absolutely nothing around the college where you can chill with your friends. Gandhinagar is 15KM from the college and is far for any kind of entertainment.



There are absolutely no events conducted in the entire year. Activities of such sort are absolutely discouraged. Students are welcome with a fresher’s party but it’s not fun, extra-curricular activities are rare, even the sports week is a mere formality, and the teams are not supported or encouraged at other times of the year.



No batch has passed out yet, but there have been talks about Omega Marine, a company for Mechanical Engineering students, but that’s still a buzz. Nothing much can be said till actual placements happen.



Shankersinh Vaghela Bapu Institute of Technology
Gandhinagar-Mansa Road,PO. Vasan, 
District Gandhinagar - 382650.
Phone : 079-29289362 
Website: ; E-Mail :-



In the opinion of most, the college is more like a jail, but somehow Bapu College has earned a decent reputation, and the real test of the college mettle will be at the time of placements. 

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