Shah and Anchor Kutchhi Engineering College (SAKEC), Chembur


Shah and Anchor Kutchhi Engineering College (SAKEC) is pretty equidistant from both - Govandi and Chembur Railway Stations on Harbour line, yet students prefer to commute from Govandi. Several BEST buses drops you on the highway which is two minutes walking from the college. Accessibility is not a big issue here.



The infrastructure is definitely not breathtaking, but is simple and decent. The campus is a bit small (way smaller than most colleges, partly due to the fact that the ground is a one minute walk from the main premises) but the quality of the classrooms and labs is quite good. Maintenance is good (except for the ground which starves without grass, however the student community is trying hard to change this). Library is stocked with good number and variety of books.



Rs. 85,000/year



This is one of the few things students say Shah and Anchor Kutchhi Engineering College (SAKEC) is good at. The math faculty is brilliant. The other faculties too are decent (at least in the first year, after that it doesn't really matter because you get immune to such things). The electronics faculty is quite good throughout. The Computers faculty is average; so is the IT department. Students say some teachers can make life pretty difficult, but that’s always there. 



Attendance is a bit strict at Shah and Anchor Kutchhi Engineering College (SAKEC). The college generally expects you to keep your attendance above 75%. If you do manage to have your attendance creeping really low, they might just take you to task. It is therefore advised to take the attendance part a bit seriously. Or else if you do know your way up the hierarchy ladder, things might be compromised but a fat chance there for F.E.s and S.E.s (hard luck fellas).



The crowd at Shah and Anchor Kutchhi Engineering College (SAKEC) is average. It actually depends upon luck but the seniors are really friendly and helpful here. And also you do manage to find a decent, if not great crowd eventually. Loads of Kutchhis though, after all it has 50% quota for Kutchhis.

Since 2012, the college has NO Kutchhi Minority Quota. The college now has 50% Jain Minority Quota.



Ah! The so called canteen... hmmm. Sadly, the canteen is shared by the polytechnic and the degree guys, and being small and crammed , it doesn’t really help! The food found is quite decent. But there are a certain hygiene issues

Warning: The canteen becomes a furnace during 12:15 p.m. to 1:00 p.m. and the crowd will simply get to you. The Nescafe stall separate from the canteen and Desai snakes (Okay, that's what you hear very often, don't you?) stall are pretty popular within the camous. These stalls cater good stuff!



Wrong question, my friend! No 'hangouts' at walking distance but if you don’t mind minimum auto fares, there is Barista, Acres Club, Ambrosia (decent food though it is tiny), etc. Most of the college ‘crowd’ chose to go home instead!



Nucleus is the technical festival of Shah and Anchor Kutchhi Engineering College (SAKEC) held in February-March. Verve is the cultural festival which is held around the same time as Nucleus. Olympus is the Sports festival.



Placements are decent. If you have decent percentage followed by good aptitude skills, you most probably will get placed. (stating the obvious, isn’t it?). TCS, Tata Infotech, Reliance Infocomm, Patni Computers are the major recruiters offering salaries around Rs. 2 lac/year to Rs. 2.2 lac/year. More than 50% placements for all departments with Electronics leading.


Contact Address:

Shah and Anchor Kutchhi Engineering College (SAKEC),
W.T. Patil Marg , Next to Dukes Co.,
Chembur , Mumbai-400088.
Phone no : 91 - 22 - 25580854.
Fax no :91-22-25568100.



Shah and Anchor Kutchhi Engineering College (SAKEC) is a very good option for students with CET marks in their lower 100s. The location is, however, a minor glitch and a deterrent factor. Also, you’ll be around a lot of Kutchhis, as the name suggests. They’re a cool bunch, overall, but make an informed choice if you’re picky.


+16 #31 RobinR 2013-11-23 01:11
Don't join and ruin your life here. Contender for worst college in the city. If you are a sincere person interested only in studies pls join. It's excellent. If you are joining engineering and are not sure about it don't come here. Do your research very very well. See the syllabus of each sem of intended stream and go through books recommended. Engineering is not a cake walk. Nor is it the best course as many think. Follow your heart, give a 100% commitment to give it your best and only then join. Sakec is not for the slackers or the people who loose interest after some time and those who do will be reprimanded.
+20 #30 READ CAREFULLY 2013-10-14 02:17
If u want to experience HELL then please join SAKEC...unexper ienced teaching staff (IT)..the teachers here only know to give assignments and assignments...m arks depend on your handwriting and your gender..!! very demotivating climate inside the college premises..
+23 #29 READ CAREFULLY 2013-10-14 02:11
Ignore this college... No campus.. No life.. Decent Crowd... Unambitious Teachers especially IT Department... Lacks positivity... Rowdy peons and Crooked Staff (OFFICE staff)... haven't seen the principal participating anywhere except the meetings.. teachers always busy on mobile phones and have less knowledge about the subjects they teach.. (IT dept).. IT department students have to face a very horrifying faculty with hilarious accent and illiterate teachers
+15 #28 parth1753 2013-08-31 11:46
Don't go here even if you get... you will never be at front foot
-25 #27 Arjun Ravi 2013-07-08 21:15
The college is awesome. It is good for studies with good interior and a decent level of discipline

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