Deccan College of Engineering & Technology (DCET), Dar-Us-Salam


Deccan College of Engineering & Technology (DCET) is located right in the centre of Hyderabad, merely 15 minutes on foot from Nampally. RTC buses 87 and 87S drop you right at the college gate while others like 92R, 116N, 116T, 116, 139, 143A, 143K, 143M (up to Aghapura) and 277MP (up to Gosha Mahal) leave you within walking distance. Although accessiblity isn't really an issue, nearly half the students use their own vehicles to reach the college.



It's difficult to imagine that behind these fortified walls and the huge ancient gates lies an engineering college campus. But once you're in, it's pretty much like a normal engineering college. Labs and classrooms are good; some labs are equipped with Wi-Fi too. Books are available in sufficient numbers at Deccan College of Engineering & Technology (DCET). 

No hostel facility and the only sports ground being used as parking space are two things students feel should change.



Rs. 50,000 per year through convener seats



Deccan College of Engineering & Technology (DCET) is known to have one of the best professors in the Computer Science Department. Others may not be THAT GOOD, but they're certainly appreciable.


Attendance & Discipline:

Environment is student-friendly; no restrictions on leaving and entering the campus at all times. Although 75% is recommended, students with below 50% attendance are known to have been excused. Even those who are punished, there's no strict actions taken against them. 



Since Deccan College of Engineering & Technology (DCET) is a minority institute, more than two-thirds of the seats are reserved for Muslims. On the whole, over 90% of the students studying here are Muslims and many of them come from North-Indian states too.



The area surrounding the college doesn't have too many interesting places to hang around. However, since it's centrally located, no place is out of reach. Popular hangouts include Nampally, Tank Bund, Koti and Himayat Nagar.



There's not much encouragement for sports, festivals and extracurricular activities at Deccan College of Engineering & Technology (DCET). Yet, the students manage to conduct a few events department-wise.



Companies like Wipro, Mahindra Satyam, Infosys recruit about 50-60 students in all. Another half a dozen are picked up mid-level IT companies while a few lucky Civil Engineers also get into Nagarjuna Constructions every year. "If you've done well during the course, there's a good chance you'll be placed" says an optimistic final year student.



Deccan College of Engineering & Technology (DCET),
Dar-Us-Salam, Hyderabad - 500 001
Phone:  040 - 24802634



An easily accessible location, commendable infrastructure, faculty and a favourable environment have been maintained at Deccan College of Engineering Technology (DCET) since past three decades. Yet, placements continue to be mediocre, perhaps because the college fails to attract too many top performers.

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