Aurora's Scientific and Technological Institute (ASTI), Ghatkesar


Aurora's Scientific and Technological Institute (ASTI) is located off Warangal highway, about 25 kms from central Hyderabad and approximately 5 kms beyond Ghatkesar, a distant suburb in North-Eastern Hyderbad. APS RTC provides frequent buses like series of 245, 280 and few others up to Ghatkesar, a few of which go up to Aushapur where the college is located. Fortunately, as the college is located right at the highway, it's more accessible compared to other neighbouring colleges in this area. Only one in ten students opts for the college bus service which charges anything between Rs. 15,000 to Rs. 17,500 per year to ferry you from home to college. The rest rely on RTC buses and share-autos.



The campus and infrastructure of the college certainly needs upgradation. Half the building is in shambles and students often complain about faulty equipments in some labs. The library needs urgent attention as it doesn't have sufficient new edition books according to some students. "It's small and inadequate" comments a disapointed third-year. Internet access is another hurdle; there's no Wi-Fi yet only a couple of computer systems (which always happen to occupied by faculty memebers) are equipped with internet. Additionally, there's no proper sports ground and indoor sports facilities aren't too great either. Hostel facilities are not provided; perhaps because there wouldn't be any takers for a similar deficient structure anyway!



Rs. 35,000/year through convenor as well as management seats



CSE and ECE department students feel that their faculty is 'tolerable' and keeps them going. However, the other departments at Aurora's Scientific and Technological Institute (ASTI) aren't even as fortunate! Students claim that majority of their lecturers do not have adequate teaching experience and are unable to express their knowledge unhesitantly. Faculty for the first year engineering students, however, is said to be an exception and students are content with the teaching.


Attendance & Discipline:

Aurora's Scientific and Technological Institute (ASTI) is very particular about attendance and disciplinary rules. It adheres to the University prescribed norms, which require students to have over 75% attendance and nothing below 65% is tolerated. Those falling betwen 65 and 75 have to shell out Rs. 300 as condonation fees while those below 65% are detained.  A dress code (White Shirt and Jeans) has to be followed by both guys and girls. The college wishes to implement a closed gate system wherein no one is allowed to leave the campus before the end of the day. But the wall defining the campus premises was taken down during the broadening of the adjacent highway and students can now easily enter and leave the campus any time they wish to. College timings are 9:15am to 3:45pm



Brand 'Aurora' attracts truckloads of enthusiastic youngsters. So the crowd is really lively and ready to make new friends. Seniors frequently interact with Juniors and share a cordial relationship with them. And since everyone is frustrated with the college environment, you'll come across plenty of students who abuse the college.



It's the size of your garage in the backyard with a missing roof and looks as if it was cleaned a hundred years ago! Except for meals and manchurian, no one dares to try anything else here. "If we need some change from the routine food, we eat outside", says a student. "The canteen food is reasonably priced. You cannot expect better maintenance at such low costs" comments a canteen-lover.



Aurora's Scientific and Technological Institute (ASTI) is located right at the Highway and students don't hesitate to take a bus or a share-auto to Ghatkesar where they can find a few dhabas, food joints and juice corners to hang around and gossip with friends during or after college hours.



Another aspect where Aurora's Scientific and Technological Institute (ASTI) loses out on. The only time when students can (officially) rejoice is a mini college-fest celebrated for just one day and includes only technical events.



Now that's where Aurora's Scientific and Technological Institute (ASTI) scores. Placements of all the Aurora Institutes are conducted together at either the Bhongir campus or the Parvathapur campus. Since these two institutes are reputed, recruiters flow in and present a pool of opportunities for students. Number of selected students, however, is less from the Ghatkesar campus.



Aurora's Scientific and Technological Institute (ASTI),
Aushapur(V), Ghatkesar(M), RR District - 502 139.
Phone: 08415 200040/200037



Aurora's Scientific and Technological Institute (ASTI) is not only one of the least preferred engineering college in Hyderabad, but also one of the least preferred even amongst the Aurora Consortium.


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