Vellore Institute of Technology (VIT University) - Chennai Campus, Vandalur – Kelambakkam Road

Note: VIT Chennai is a new campus of Vellore Institute of Technology, Vellore - an esteemed & highly reputed Private University.


Chennai campus of VIT University is located on southern outskirts of city, on Vandalur – Kelambakkam Road. It is about 40km from Chennai central and reaching here by public transport can be a tough task given its nearly desolate location. There are about 4 to 5 bus routes from Tambaram-West bus stop to Kandigai, which is the nearest bus stop about one km away from college. Bus frequency is pretty decent but to reach other parts of city you need to hop buses from Tambaram. There are also a few college vans and buses for staff. There is almost no civilization in the surrounding area and one need to walk for at least 10 minutes to find a general store or stationary shop.



VIT Chennai campus is still under construction and currently 4 buildings are ready for students’ use: 2 academic blocks each of 8 floors and 2 separate 15 storeyed hostels for boys and girls. It is known as a ‘green campus’ and overall environment is very clean and green due to numerous tree plantation all through the campus. They have also made use of solar and non-conventional energy sources wherever possible in campus. It is a big campus and the academic facilities such as labs, classrooms, library etc. are very well taken care of. But the atmosphere is not very much conducive to study as noise and pollution from construction work is very annoying. Classrooms are not air-conditioned as promised during admissions and sport facilities are not great either. A Wi-Fi internet connectivity with just 3GB of data allowance is provided in college . Hostels have Wi-Fi internet but its expenses are shared by student occupants. Of course things are expected to improve over time keeping in mind reputation of VIT University all over country.

Hostel facilities are nice. There are various options available depending on your liking and budget ranging from 6-shring non-AC dorm to single bedded air-conditioned room. Charges for these vary from Rs 35,000 a year to Rs 75,000 a year. There are attached washrooms in all of them. Hostels are very strict – apart from timing there are restrictions on going to others’ rooms too. Girls’ hostels are even stricter. And there is an absolute ban on senior-junior interaction in both hostels to avoid ragging. Mess food is not good and especially the students from north India will face many problems adjusting to the local taste. Mess charges are approximately Rs 35,000 to Rs 45,000 a year. Current hostel capacity is not sufficient to accommodate the juniors who’ll be coming in; hence senior most batch students will be shifted to off-campus accommodations till new hostel blocks are not constructed.



Rs 1,17,800 per year.



Faculties at VIT Chennai are very well qualified but only a few of them are experienced and good at teaching. Also they don’t possess very good communication skills. They are very strict and are rumoured to hold personal grudges against some students. The rumours may or may not be correct but most of the faculty at hand cannot be described as friendly and co-operative.



College is very strict about attendance issues. Those having low attendance are made to attend extra lectures to make up for missed lectures. Also there is a fine for poor attendance. Apart from attendance there are fines for many other reasons like not wearing id-cards (up to Rs 2500), irrelevant breakage charges etc. etc., which students feel is “stupid & only tactics for churning money”.



Majority of the crowd (about 70%) hails from northern parts of the country. The major chunk of other 30% consists of day-scholars. Overall there is very good unity among students and environment is friendly. Boy – girl ratio, like a typical engineering college, is poor: 70% boys to 30% girls. Hostelites are fun-loving and ‘party’ type of crowd. To put a curb on ragging senior and juniors are not allowed to interact anywhere within the campus; even asking a junior’s name can get both senior and junior student in trouble.



College canteen has better food than the mess but it can hurt your pocket a bit too much. Also the canteen’s size is not proportional to the intake of college, so some space crunch is felt during lunch breaks.



There is absolutely no hangout in the surrounding areas. Students go to ‘Mayajaal’ theatre on ECR once in a while as it takes about 45 minutes to 1 hour travelling one way.



There are no cultural festivals or events held in this college. Students can participate in the fest of VIT main campus at Vellore. College takes interested students to Vellore campus by college buses, of course at your own expense. Symposiums, seminars and technical events are organised in this campus but sadly there is not great student participation in them. A fresher’s party is organised by college but again seniors are not allowed in it to prevent ragging.



The first batch is not out yet; hence nothing can be commented about placements as of now. But students have mixed emotions about it – some feel that due to reputation of the main VIT campus good companies will come here as well or they might even conduct common placements for both campuses – but there are some students who feel that as the batch strength is too much, only a few will be placed. They just need to wait and watch with their fingers crossed.


Contact Address:

VIT University - Chennai Campus
Vandalur - Kelambakkam Road,
Chennai - 600 048.
Phone: 044 3993 1555



VIT Chennai campus is not as great as the VIT main campus. In fact at present it is about lots of unfulfilled promises made in beautiful college brochures. Many students studying here, especially hostelites are regretting having taken admission here and they rate their college 3/10. “Three marks are just for the good environment and ‘green campus’” clarifies a student. “Kahin bhi jaana, VIT Chennai mat aana (please go to any college except VIT Chennai)” adds another of those discontented chap. Hopefully things will improve soon as college management is taking sincere efforts. However it will take years, if at all, when it will be considered at par with Vellore campus.


+6 #7 Siddharth_Guptavitxx 2014-04-05 00:26
I am 2 sem student of VIT - Chennai CSE Branch.. I took admission in VIT Chennai even after reading this review because I contacted some seniors in this college & they told totally different thing & after joining I do not regret about my decision at all ...
In terms of studies campus is even better then Vellore campus..
Placements for pass-out batch was awesome & was common with Vellore campus...
The professors are very helpful and highly qualified... VIT Chennai has highest number of professors in India with PhD.. There is no problem of communication with them. In fact, VIT conducts special Communication skills subject..
VIT conducts many guest lectures,worksh ops & industrial visits...
But rules for discipline & attendance are very strict.. so join only if you want to study.. You know what I mean...
Hostels are at par from any other college in India(mess sucks but far better than iits,iits & will never get food as home anywhere)
Campus is under construction but that is different section & it does not will love the campus & its is better than any other place out there..Modern,e nvironment friendly & Green..
Central A/c library with touch tables you will love it..
Overall what you will miss in Chennai campus as compare to vellore is just fun(slight relaxation in rules in vellore campus),swimmin g pool..But if you want to have a very bright future(better studies & better placement) its even at par from vellore campus..but if you want to enjoy your engineering years then don't even by mistake join VIT-Chennai...s o don't let these false reviews affect your decision
+5 #6 student_vitcc 2013-12-19 12:50
I am a 4th year student who just finished the 7th semester from VIT Chennai. Placements have been awesome especially for CSE students. Out of 108 students in the 4th year batch around, 35 students have been placed in core companies with avg. package of 4-5 lakhs and the rest of the students are placed in mass recruiting companies like cognizant, Accenture and Wipro which are equally good. Besides placements numerous coaching institutes conduct classes for GRE, GMAT, CAT and GATE. Various students from 4th year have got internships and even successfully have applied to famous US institutes like Michigan and even Carnegie Mellon. Many students have already finished internships abroad and are looking to pursue higher studies in reputed universities similiar in stature to mentioned above.
It would not be a suprise if VIT chennai emerges within top 20 institutes of the country in near future.

Reason to join VIT Chennai

1) Less strength as compared to VIT Vellore, so better quality of education and professor-to-st udent ratio.
2) Ample placement opportunities- So far just in the first batch around 6-7 students have been placed or have got internships in Microsoft, 1 in ebay, 1 in flipkart and so on.
3) MoUs with reputed universities abroad and Semester Abroad programme help students to get admission/inter nshps abroad
4) World-class hostel amenities and facilites. Really not kidding at this.
5) Freedom to choose your own course structure and time table
6) Strict atmosphere to reduce irrelevant and not so productive activities generally prevalent in teenagers' atmosphere. You know what I am implying to say!
+10 #5 suseel menon 2013-11-16 21:34
I'm a first year electrical student at VIT Chennai.
This review is only partly correct.
-Yes the campus is still under construction and thereby experiencing a space crunch.
-The mess is pretty bad when compared to home food but very good when compared to NITs and IITs.
-The lab facilities are top class with new and updated equipment owing to its only recent establishment.
-The placements are rather good for a newly established institution with many bagging offers from eBay, Microsoft
Wipro, Cognizant, TCS etc. Highest salary on the first day of placements was around 18 lakhs, average after a few sessions was around 3-4 lakhs pa. It is expected to climb.
-The placements suck though. There are rarely any at all.
-The teachers are highly qualified with degrees and services from/in foreign nations. Most have fluent English.
-The main point the review missed is the unique style of teaching/learni ng here.
-Every semester instead of assignments and quizzes conducted in Vellore, we have something called PBL (project based learning ) where we make a working model project for each subject. This sort of teaching is practiced in a few colleges in India, mostly private like Manipal.
-Through these we can learn higher level concepts. The teachers are very helpful and supportive. This sem for physics I made a new type of solar cell using a nano-paricle coating and used our mech labs 3D printer for it.
-Most projects are funded by the college. (sadly as such they don't allow you to take it home).
-The atmosphere is becoming more research based and most of us freshers are expecting placements going up and might reach the Vellore standards in the next few years.
-Still consider this college only if you don't get into Vellore
0 #4 Aniketnp 2013-09-15 19:21
I suggest not to opt for this college if you want to do B.Tech in Mechanical or civil engineering. The placement here for these branches are poor. Also people who want to enjoy their college life need not even think of this college. The placements for the other three branches are good enough.
-8 #3 Krishna 2013-07-24 20:41
Chennai campus is far better than what the reviews would say. The professors are very helpful and highly qualified. There is no problem of communication with them. In fact, VIT conducts special Communication skills subject and many other guest lectures.

Amazing college, certainly not better than Vellore campus, but better than others.

The branches and seats in for the year 2013:

65 - Computer Science and Engg.
65 - Computer Science and Engg. (Big Data Analytics)
65 - Computer Science and Engg. (Cloud Computing)
65 - CAD / CAM
65 - Communication Engineering
65 - Embedded Systems
65 - Mechatronics
65 - Power Electronics and Drives
65 - Structural Engineering
65 - VLSI Design

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