Meenakshi College of Engineering (MCE), KK Nagar


Meenakshi College of Engineering is located in West K.K. Nagar, Chennai. It’s one of the few (5 to be specific apart from Anna University colleges) engineering colleges located within the Chennai metropolis. Kodambakkam railway station is nearby but not many students travel by local trains. Most of the students prefer buses, which provide a good connectivity to the whole city. College does have its own bus fleet but not many student uses it as it is expensive compared to MTC. Some of the students of do travel by bikes too.



Meenakshi College of Engineering doesn’t have a huge campus when you compare it to the other private colleges located on the outskirts of Chennai. Civil building is still under construction. Library is quite small and doesn’t have all the books required. Labs and class rooms are very average, not at all aesthetically pleasing. There is no Wi-Fi connectivity on campus.

Hostels are shared with the Dr. MGR Hotel Management College. Mess food is not liked by the students.



Rs 90,000 per year via management quota (including fees for books)



Faculty members have a good experience and are well qualified. Almost all the teachers are Masters’ degree holder barring a few. The teachers are not very friendly with students but not really strict either.


Attendance & Discipline:

As per Anna University rules, 75% is compulsory and college does abide by it. As long as you maintain your attendance above that, no issues; in case it falls below that students are fined and in extreme cases detained.

Mobile phones are not allowed and if caught with one, it will be confiscated and will be given back only post engineering.



Most of the students studying at Meenakshi College of Engineering are from Chennai itself, in fact many from the city area itself. Some students do come from rural parts of Tamil Nadu but there are no students from other states. The crowd is boring and dull. People here attend lectures while in college and head straight home once it is over.

There is also architecture branch which is started recently. You may see some diversity in crowd due to that.



Canteen is small and can accommodate only a limited number of people at a time. A variety of foods are available here. And most of them are tasty. Prices are reasonable too.



Meenakshi College of Engineering has only IT companies coming to the campus for recruitments. Infosys leads placement drive, hiring the most number of students. Approximately 55-60% students get placed. Others have to look out for placements on their own or plan to study further.

First batches of Civil & Mechanical Engineering haven’t come out yet.


Contact Address:

Meenakshi College of Engineering (MCE)
No.12, Vembuliamman Koil Street,
West K.K. Nagar, Chennai – 600078.
Phone: 044 - 23640773



If you stay in the city and don’t want to travel much you can consider Meenakshi College of Engineering. It wouldn’t come in the best colleges but you can give a thought over it.

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