Sai Vidya Institute of Technology (SVIT), Doddaballapur Road


26 km from Majestic, Sai Vidya Institute of Technology (SVIT) is located near Rajanukunte railway station on Doddaballapur road. Students prefer coming to college by bus or bike.



The campus is not too big. Some parts of it are still under construction. There is no Wi-Fi & there is no hostel as of yet.



Rs 41,590 per year for Karnataka CET students.



Teaching standard is pretty good. All the faculties are friendly & co-operative. You won’t need external help like tuitions even in higher years.



A minimum of 60% of attendance is needed. From 60% to 75% you may have to pay fines.



About 50% of students are from nearby areas like Yelahanka.



It’s just about average.









Not many companies come to Sai Vidya Institute of Technology (SVIT) for recruiting. Thus the placements are poor.


Contact Address:

Sai Vidya Institute of Technology (SVIT)
Rajanukunte, Doddaballapur Road,
via Yelahanka, Bangalore – 560064.
Phone: 91-80-28468191, 91-80-28468196
Website: (Under Construction)



Sai Vidya Institute of Technology (SVIT) is good in terms of teaching & results. However placements are a major concern for current students. Also the infrastructure should evolve with time. Those students having average scores & those who stay nearby can consider this college.


+2 #33 Niteesh Shanbog 2014-06-21 20:31
The fest here if you can call it that sucks.... all the students prefer to attend the fest of neighboring BMSIT than their fest
+7 #32 Unknown sid 2014-04-03 23:11
Don't make the mockery of God. These guys don't believe in God. They just worship money.
+6 #31 dea 2014-03-22 21:07
This college has got nothing not even the building.
The seats in this college are filling due the fame of director
Faculty, crowd and facilities are bad
+5 #30 immortal kid 2014-03-14 09:08
This institution is administered by a bunch of arrogant orthodox idiots.

who want all the people to belive and follow the hogwash they love.

If you are an agnostic or an athiest or you hate orthodox plz avoid this institution.
+6 #29 king is dead 2014-03-14 08:59
This institution is a pile of garbage, precisely
a dump of rotting garbage.

Only thing you can learn in this institution is 'Telgu'

I wonder abt the folks who opt for languages like java, dotnet, python what they learn.

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