Jawaharlal Institute of Technology (JNIT), Ibrahimpatnam


Jawaharlal Nehru Institute of Technology (JNIT) is located off Nagarjuna Sagar Road, a little further from Bongaloor 'X' Roads near the Outer Ring Road, about 25 kilometres South of Hyderabad. In spite of being so far, most of the students prefer travelling by RTC buses (277, 279) as they pass right by the college campus. Moreover, college buses are 10-times as expensive at Rs. 10,000 to Rs. 15,000 per year.



Established in 2007, the first two batches faced several difficulties as parts of the campus were still under construction and laboratory equipments were still being brought in. However, the present scenario is much improved according to what students told Stupidsid. "The library is well-stocked, there's Wi-Fi in some areas and will be available in the entire campus soon" says a third-year student. Sports facilities aren't the best available, but it's manageable.

Hostels outside the college campus are intolerable and it's best to stay in better localities like BN Reddy Nagar.



Rs. 35,000 per year



Many professors are those who'd joined as freshers with no teaching experience when Jawaharlal Nehru Institute of Technology (JNIT) first began its operations in 2007. "So although some were awful teachers in their early days, they're much better now" quotes a final year student. The college has also roped in some senior professors and is working towards high quality learning.


Attendance & Discipline:

Jawaharlal Nehru Institute of Technology (JNIT) is one of the strictest engineering colleges in Ibrahimpatnam. Rules require every student to maintain over 75% attendance (or up to 65% in case of prolonged illness) unless he/she wishes to be barred from University examinations. Try bunking one day and your parents are certain to get a call from the college inquiring about your whereabouts; try bunking three consecutive days, you'll have to get your parents along the next time you enter college. College timing is 9:15 am to 4:30 pm.



People from Hyderabad, it's outskirts and Nalgonda occupy majority of the seats. Boys to girls ratio is a healthy 3:2 and there's a good amount of interaction between them during festivals and college events. However, many come from conservative backgrounds and at times it's futile trying to mingle with them.



It's a 5-7 minute walk from the college building. No, no, it's NOT outside the campus! May be Jawaharlal Nehru Institute of Technology (JNIT) didn't want its students to hangout there too frequently. It's big and appears clean and hygienic but students complain that temperatures soar during summers and you'd want to finish your stuff and get out as quickly as possible. 



BN Reddy Nagar is the closest civilization from Jawaharlal Nehru Institute of Technology (JNIT) where you'll find some interesting places to hangout. Or if that's not an option, all you have is some dhabas along the highway.



Apart from a few small-scale technical and sports events, students at Jawaharlal Nehru Institute of Technology (JNIT) don't get any relief from the daily college pressure.



Jawaharlal Nehru Institute of Technology (JNIT) managed to place just 15-20 students from each of the first few batches that have passed out. Some others got in through pool campus placements at Sri Indu College. Students hope that the college puts in more efforts in the years to come.


Contact Address:

Jawaharlal Nehru Institute of Technology (JNIT),
Bongloor X Roads, Beside Outer Ring Road Junction,
Nagarjuna Sagar Highway, Mangalapalli Patelguda(V),
Ibrahimpatnam (M), Ranga Reddy District,
Hyderabad - 501 510
Phone: 08414-252214
Email : info@jnit.ac.in, jnit.ac.in@gmail.com
Website: www.jnit.ac.in



Jawaharlal Nehru Institute of Technology (JNIT) exhibits a promising scenario and a potential to join the league of best engineering colleges in Ibrahimpatnam. However, a dull campus environment and inadequate placements currently make you want to think twice.


0 #1 varun yadav 2014-01-09 14:51
This is a waste college. Please don't join in this college.
All people will see the college out-figure and they will join. Please don't do like that.
I am a student of JNIT I too joined in the same way.
After joining I got to know that how waste is college.
They will give several offers like free transport for 4yrs & no JNTU fee.
Please don't attract for that it is waste college
They will torture you a lot.
No good faculty no good environment.
Please before joining in that college please try to know about that college by sitting in that college for some days and by consulting the seniors.

I did the big mistake in taking that plz you people don't do that mistake

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