Guru Nanak Engineering College (GNEC), Ibrahimpatnam


Guru Nanak Engineering College (GNEC) is located amongst other Guru Nanak Institutions well beyond Hyderabad city's limits. It's a little further from Ibrahimpatnam village, 35 kilometres south-east of Koti. College buses are the most preferable option as accessibility through public transport is next to impossible. Those who do travel by RTC buses have to get down at Ibrahimpatnam and use share autos to reach the college. Moreover, buses are crowded during peak hours and the long distance makes the journey exhausting. But, obviously, RTC buses cost a fraction of what College Buses charge.



The campus is massive, houses half a dozen institutes and appears like a small township. Infrastructure is top-notch and there aren't any compromises on sports or academic facilities. Library is housed in a separate block and Wi-Fi is available in the GNEC premises. 

Hostels for boys and girls are available on campus. Students are really happy with the facilities and why not? Rooms spacious enough to easily fit in 4 at a time are allotted to just three students, there's high speed Internet, there's good mess food with varieties of North Indian as well as South Indian cuisines and restrictions are minimum. Fees for the hostel are Rs. 55,000 per year including food.



Rs. 80,000 per year for convenor seats



Teaching is neither excellent nor intolerable. Many lab assistants are new to teaching and often fumble while teaching. However, senior professors know their subjects thoroughly and students enjoy when they come to class for lectures. Lecturers in the ECE, Mechanical and Civil departments are known to be better than the others. An exception is the recently introduced aeronautical department - it's not recommended.


Attendance & Discipline:

Guru Nanak Engineering College (GNEC) does not spare defaulters with less than 60% attendance. They're not allowed to appear for university exams. Those with attendance between 60-75% need to shell out fines (Rs. 300-500) and their parents may also be summoned. College timing is 9:30 am to 4:10 pm. Dress codes need to be followed thrice a week and a closed gate system confines you to the Guru Nanak Institutes campus for the entire day.



Half the students come from Hyderabad while the remaining half come from nearby villages or other districts in the state. There's a good amount of interaction between girls and boys as well between different departments. Being one of the popular colleges in Ibrahimpatnam region, Guru Nanak Engineering College (GNEC) attracts many talented students as well.



Different colleges in the Guru Nanak Institutions campus have their own canteens and everyone is allowed to use them freely. So there's a lot of choice available as far as canteen food is concerned. All the canteens are spacious enough to accommodate over 250 students comfortably and serve tasty and hygienic food at reasonable prices. The 50-rupee chicken biryani is the most popular dish here.



You're not permitted to leave the campus during the day. And even if you do (by jumping over walls), it won't be worth the risk as there's nothing interesting in the vicinity.



There's plenty of activity happening at the Guru Nanak Institutes campus throughout the year. A couple of events await every month and offer tremendous opportunity for leisure, recreation and overall development. GNEC's techno-cultural festival is celebrated sometime in October every year and involves participants from all the campus colleges.



Placements for all Guru Nanak Institutes are conducted together and in all about 200 to 300 students are offered jobs from the campus. The figure isn't too appreciable but as 25-30 companies visit the campus for recruitments, opportunities are within reach. Out of the three engineering colleges in the campus, Guru Nanak Engineering College (GNEC) students bag the best the job offers, closely followed by Guru Nanak Institute of Technology (GNIT) while Guru Nanak Institute of Engineering & Technology (GNET) students manage to grab just a few. HCL, Mahindra Satyam, Wipro, Infosys are major recruiters apart from mid-sized local companies like Ocean Ship Maritime Services.


Contact Address:

Guru Nanak Engineering College (GNEC),
Guru Nanak Institutions Campus,
Ibrahimpatnam, Ranga Reddy District,
Phone: + 91-8414-202120/202155



Guru Nanak Engineering College (GNEC) is undoubtedly the winner amongst Guru Nanak Institutes and perhaps also one of the most preferred engineering college in Ibrahimpatnam. And although, it's still far from any of the best engineering colleges in Hyderabad, it's a great choice for average scorers.


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