CVSR College of Engineering, Ghatkesar


A relatively more accessible college in the area, CVSR College of Engineering is merely a 15-minute walk from the Warangal Highway and about 10 kilometres from Uppal. While one of the RTC buses passes by the college gate, others like 245A, 245J, 492 and series of 280 buses drop you at the highway from where you can either walk or take a share auto. Nearly half the students prefer travelling by College Buses, blowing up Rs. 14,000 to Rs. 16,000 every year.



While the campus is not massive, it's reasonably big and more importantly extremely delightful. It's an integrated campus hosting the Anurag Group of Institutions (School of Engineering or CVSR College of Engineering, School of Pharmacy or Lalitha College of Pharmacy and School of Business Management or Lalitha P.G. College). Lush green lawns, first-class sporting facilities and cozy sitting areas below trees make you want to come to college everyday.  However, CVSR College of Engineering loses out on lab facilities and interiors of classrooms which need a makeover. The library is fabulous and houses sufficient books. Wi-Fi doesn't always work reliably but the digital library ensures you get Internet access whenever required.

Hostel facilities are not provided.



Rs. 65,000/- per year for convener seats

Those coming through management seats have to shell out anything between Rs. 6 lakh to Rs. 10 lakh for the entire course.



Professors in the first year teach very well and majority of the students have no complaints. The trend continues for the second, third and final year students of the CSE and ECE departments which are considered to be the best at CVSR College of Engineering. But unfortunately for the Civil and EEE departments, the scenario isn't particularly to be proud about. Students claim that there's a shortage of faculty and even those teaching aren't too experienced. The remaining departments have satisfactory teaching.


Attendance & Discipline:

CVSR College of Engineering provides a student-friendly environment and a perfect balance between freedom and restrictions. While students having over 75% attendance face no troubles, those having up to 50% attendance are excused after giving them strict warnings and levying heavy fines. "If you cross the line, you'll be detained" explains a third year student.

Dress codes have to be followed in the first year, but things are pretty chilled out later on. A closed gate system prohibits students from leaving the campus during the day, except for lunch hours, when you can leave without your bags and come back after eating. Unlike many other engineering colleges in Hyderabad, students can sit and roam around the campus freely.



Being one of the better engineering colleges in the area, CVSR College of Engineering draws a wonderful crowd. They're good at academics and many excel in sports too. Moreover, absence of unnecessary rules allows them to interact and enhance their natural talents. "If you make it here, you'll have an enjoyable time" exclaims a bunch of pretty girls.



It's enough to accommodate the rush during lunch time, but the ambience could have been more pleasant. There's a lot of varieties to choose from but since everything tastes nearly the same, you won't waste much time choosing. Packaged food items and drinks are in plenty if you're bored with the monotonous taste of the canteen food.



Lotus dhaba around  the corner and Safari are loved by the students at CVSR College of Engineering. "And there's nothing more interesting here, so we head to Uppal and watch movies at Rajalaxmi theatre" says one. Many are also seen socializing with friends inside the campus itself.



An annual technical festival called 'Aagama' is celebrated sometime in end-February or March. It's celebrated with great pomp and cheer as students count on this mega event to have the best time of the year. Participants from other colleges around the area have an equally good time. Besides Aagama, a week-long sports fest is also held at CVSR College of Engineering.



CVSR College of Engineering manages to place about 40-50% of the students, mainly into IT companies. CSE and ECE students are the happiest as almost the entire class gets jobs while others have to struggle. Lack of companies offering mechanical, chemical and civil engineering jobs force the students to either opt for higher studies or keep their fields aside and take up IT jobs. Major recruiters include Infosys, Accenture, HCL, Mahindra Satyam, Syntel, Cap Gemini and BirlaSoft among others.



CVSR College of Engineering,
(Anurag Group of Institutions)
Ventakpur (V), Ghatkesar (M),
Ranga Reddy - 501 301
Phone: +91-8415-255309/10/11/12



Above average infrastructure & placements and an outstanding college environment make CVSR College of Engineering one of the top choices amongst engineering colleges in Ghatkesar, if not the whole Hyderabad.

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