CMR College of Engineering & Technology (CMRCET), Kandlakoya


In the northern outskirts of the city on Medchal Road, across the Outer Ring Road, is located CMR campus. Kandlakoya is the nearest village, and CMR campus is the very next bus stop from there, and is quite a landmark in itself. Being far from the city, not many prefer to get their own vehicles, about 35 Km from Koti (apparently the centre of Hyderabad). The college has a big fleet of buses, so many students avail the bus service, which drops them home without much issues. The charges for the bus service is Rs.16,000 per year, and about 50-60% students opt for the convenience college buses offers. Only about 20% students get their own vehicles. Some stay in college hostels or in private PGs’ around. While many who find college buses unduly expensive, use the RTC buses which also drops till the college campus. 229 series from various parts of the city is frequent but crowded most of the times. 


The CMR campus is pretty decent, and there are 4 different institutes running in the various buildings. The standard of infrastructure is pretty modern for all the buildings. The classes are good, and well ventilated. The labs are not the best looking labs around, but the equipments are maintained well. Machine labs for the core departments, like mechanical and civil are good. All computer labs are air-conditioned. And moreover, the labs are conducted regularly, unlike other colleges, students claim. Internet is available at the labs, but is slow. WiFi has been installed but password protected, so students don’t get to use.  CMRCET has 2 floors dedicated to the library, which is not air-conditioned, but very resourceful nevertheless. All the books, for all the departments, and is updated every year. If at all there is some book unavailable, all you need to do is inform them, and they’ll do the needful to make it available for you.
There is nice space between all the buildings, and the campus is quite wide and open, although the colleges are separated by walls. Right as you enter the campus gate is the huge cricket (sports) ground, which has a history of being the host to JNTU tournaments in the past. The grounds and the canteen infrastructure are shared by all the CMR Institutes There’s a nice basketball court, and a volleyball court in the campus. Yet some students say, the sports facilities are namesake, and students are not allowed to play.  Hostels, the college does provide hostel, but that’s not on the campus. About 4-5Km from the campus is the hostel, shared again by all CMR institute students. But students report it to be in a very bad state, with poor maintenance, and bad facilities. The hostel mess is also not anything to boast about. The fees for the hostel is Rs.46,000 per year, and most find it pretty unreasonable, and not many opt for staying at the college hostel.


 Rs.35,000 per year for students under Convener Quota; and about 6 Lakh Rupees (for the entire course) for the management seats. 


All the faculties here might not be PhD’s and doctors, but all have a minimum M.Tech qualification and students find them good. All have about 4-5 years of teaching experience. Although Civil, and Mech departments do have a slight shortage of faculty, but students are content with those who are currently teaching, and they manage well. EEE department is the most sought after in the college, and is also the best in the college. Faculties communicate in English, but if some students do not understand, only for them they speak in Telugu.   

Attendance & Discipline: 

The university norm is 75% attendance to be eligible for taking the exams, but up to 65% the college can let you go without hassles. Below 65% till 50% the college can call your parents to talk to them and find out about the reason for the poor attendance, along with a condonation fine of Rs.300. Less than 50% means you would surely be detained from taking the exams. And generally not may reach this stage, as they maintain their attendance as required. 
With regards to discipline, girls and guys generally do not sit together in classes, but the interaction is good otherwise, in the labs, in the campus. Round Neck t-shirts are a certain NO, but t-shirts with collars are allowed, generally many choose formal clothing. CCTV cameras have been installed in the library and the canteens, we couldn’t figure why, hope you do. The college follows a closed gate system, and shuts the gate at 9:10 AM, students can’t leave the campus till the end of the day then. 


The crowd students say is sincere, and those who don’t want to study, the college makes sure they do. The first year feels like an extension of the inter-college, and then in the later years, things get relaxed and free. So there aren’t many absolutely jobless, anti-system souls, those who are also get tamed. About 50% of the students are locals from around Hyderabad, and other half are from other districts of Andhra Pradesh. Students coming in from the management seats are mostly locals from Hyderabad. Only about 2 or 3 students at max are from outside the state. Everyone mixes well and people are generally friendly. The girl to boy ratio is about 2:1, with CSE department making an exception, as it is more popular with girls. 


CMRCET is open to all the students of the CMR campus colleges. The canteen is big, but not big enough to accommodate all the students at one time. Usually the first years have a separate break time, and the seniors have a different time.  At times people do have to wait, or carry their food, and eat in the lawns. The place doesn’t look very hygienic but the food is surprisingly tasty and reasonably priced. In fact the students recommend that you should try the fast food here, which is very good. 


There are not many places around the college, but travelling to Kompally opens up a lot of avenues to spend time at. Kompally is about 7 Kms from CMR and on the way home for many, so people don’t mind heading that way. There is Cineplanet to catch up with the latest movies. Runway 9, in Kompally is a popular place for Go-Karting, and is more like a one day adventure destination; for about Rs.600 per head, which includes Lunch and unlimited games. 90 Degrees, is a popular pool parlour in Kompally again. Students even at times go to Country Club in Medchal which is not far. If nothing’s happening, the college lawns and trees always provide the students a cool shade to spend their time with friends, without having to go anywhere. 


The placements are common for all students of the CMR campus. Most of the times, the companies have a criteria of 65% aggregate, and those who do are eligible to sit for the campus placements. The placements at the CMRCET are better than other CMR colleges. About 50-60% surely get placed, and many don’t, because they don’t meet the eligibility criteria. There are more software companies coming to the campus, as compared to companies from the core fields. To name a few companies, Infosys, L&T Infotech, HSBC Bank and HCL Tech are regular at the campus. The average that IT companies offer is about Rs.3.25Lakh to Rs.3.5 Lakh. The maximum a software contact offered here was Rs.4 Lakh a year. For the core branches, L&T recruits students from Mechanical, and there’s Cosmic Circuits, that recruits students from the EEE branch. In all about 6-7 companies hire about 12-15 students for core jobs. 


CMR College of Engineering & Technology.
CMR Group of Institutions Campus,
Kandlakoya (V), Medchal Road,
Hyderabad - 501 401. 
Phone no: 08418 – 200699


CMRCET is more liberal and less strict amongst other CMR Institutes. Placement records have been better here, although placements are common with the entire CMR group. Being far from the city could be a consideration, but transport facilities are available. The campus and the infrastructure facilities are not bad either. Hostel is a slight issue, but students can manage at private rooms around the college. Overall in the words of a student, “Think placement, think CMR”, should answer most your apprehensions before joining the college. 


+10 #1 gm subhani 2013-08-03 14:44
Very poorly maintained campus as to health hazards. Never dare to use their wash rooms and toilets. You will find very big mosquitoes. Such a big campus neglecting to fumigate the premises and building.

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