MLR Institute of Technology (MLRIT), Dundigal


Getting to Marri Laxman Reddy, usually shortened to MLR Institute of Technology (MLRIT), is an arduous task if you've not opted for the college bus services or missed that only RTC bus of the day which drops you to the MLRIT campus. It's over 25 kms from central Hyderabad and at least 3.5 kms from the nearest accessible place (Gandimaisamma 'X' Roads). College buses will cost you anything between Rs. 8,000 to Rs. 15,000 per year depending on where you stay while RTC buses are much cheaper (Rs. 1000-1500 approximately)



MLR Institute of Technology (MLRIT) campus spreads over a vast area and appears very well maintained. Separate grounds for football  and cricket, volleyball and basketball courts, table tennis and other indoor games provide excellent recreation. Academic facilities are satisfactory too. 

Hostels are underway and should be available soon.



Rs. 35,000 per year



Except for the first year of engineering, when you have to bear with a few inexperienced teachers, learning is smooth. 


Attendance & Discipline:

MLR Institute of Technology (MLRIT) sticks to University prescribed rules and students have to attend over 75% lectures (or at least 65% lectures if they've had any prolonged illness in the semester). However, attendance has never been a concern for MLRITians as their teachers are so co-operative that no feels like bunking.



MLR Institute of Technology (MLRIT) puts up a lively atmosphere and students are equally inclined towards academics and sports. "Our faculty is supportive and encourage us to participate" exclaims a third year student. There's unity in the class and lots of interaction with fellow batch mates even from other departments.



Farmlands stretch over miles around the MLRIT campus. So unless you're looking for a little DDLJ photoshoot, stay in college.



Numerous cultural, technical and sports events are held at MLR Institute of Technology, some of which are attended by students from other colleges too. Technonium and Zavtra are two of the biggest technical events celebrated some time in February and March.



IT giants like Infosys, MindTree, Mahindra Satyam, Oracle gobble up over 100 students in all. About 50 more get into mid-sized IT companies or a couple of core engineering businesses. Salaries offered range between Rs. 15,000 to Rs. 25,000 per month.


Contact Address:

Marri Laxman Redy Institute of Technology,
Dundigal , Hyderabad - 500043
Phone: 9949774842, 9866755166, 9652226061



An unfavourable location and average placements are perhaps the major factors that hinder MLRIT from joining the list of the top engineering colleges in Hyderabad. Nevertheless, it's a decent a choice and one of the better colleges on this side of the city.


-4 #4 Ramu1992 2014-03-04 20:08
Waste college
+1 #3 satyam babu 2013-11-03 18:21
MLRIT is a one of the top college in teaching and placements
-8 #2 mallu venkat 2013-09-16 08:52
MLRIT is a big kirana store!

--Ex students of MLRIT
+9 #1 vinod .k 2013-07-16 21:13
Please do not run The ENGG like Kirana shop. Maintain the dignity of the professional college, get good faculty, give the chance for the faculty to speak and express their problems, because faculty the college is surving

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