Rajiv Gandhi Medical College (RGMC), Kalwa, Thane


Rajiv Gandhi Medical College (RGMC) is located about a kilometre from the dangerous-looking Kalwa railway station, which is on the Central line. It also has decent accessibility by NMMT buses, which drop you right at the college gate. The stop is called Shivaji Hospital, which (as you might have figured) is the parent hospital of RGMC. The college is located well outside Mumbai limits, but that doesn't stop students from travelling from all parts of the city, since it's arguably fifth in the Sought-after Medical Colleges list.


While it'll be unfair to say that the infrastructure at RGMC is excellent, or terrible, a student used an apt word to describe it - optimum. The college has decent infrastructure, which perfectly takes care of the needs of the 60 strong intake. The laboratories are well equipped and decently maintained, the library is well stocked and books are made available whenever needed. The hostels aren't great but at least they're clean; three people share a big room, which is fair enough. They're making a new hostel too, which should be ready soon. Hostel fees are very affordable, only Rs.2600 per year.


The fee here is Rs. 45,000/- per annum.


Since all the faculty members are doctors by profession, it's understandable if teaching is not their forte. That is the case with a few professors, while others make studying also an enjoyable process. They are all very qualified and experienced, though, and the best part about them is the fantastic rapport they share with the students. Most professors know all the students by name, since it's such a small batch, and are sympathetic to all their needs and problems.

Hospitals affiliated:

It is attached to the Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Hospital, which is run by the Thane Municipal Corporation. The CSMH hospital is equipped with over 500 beds, and a host of speciality departments. The hospital has a huge patient population mainly from the areas of Kalwa, Thane, Diva and Mumbra, so students get terrific practical exposure to a variety of patients.
RGMC is also affiliated with Primary Healthcare Centre and Chorus Urban Healthcare Centre.


The new university rules clearly state that students need to maintain a minimum of 75 percent attendance, and colleges now have to show a written record for verification of attendance. Students tend to attend quite a bit anyway, but those who are short of attendance are given warnings, which they generally take quite seriously. The college administration will help you if you fall short by about 5 percent, but don't expect anything more than that.


About 70 percent of the students are from Mumbai and surrounding districts, and the rest are from different parts of Maharashtra. Initially it certainly not east to get along with the people around, but over time students manage to find at least a few others who they can relate to. Hostellites, they say, are 'different' at times, which we assume isn't a very great thing. Any way, eventually everyone manages. That's the case with most good medical colleges, though.


The canteen is divided into two sections, one for the patients and the other for students/doctors. It's big enough when you consider the number of students, but the food really isn't that great. It's really cheap, though, so you can have a hearty meal for less than Rs.50.


There's nothing to do in Kalwa, it's an absolute village. But hostellites say that you'll find a host of cheap places to eat if you really set out to. As for proper hangouts, well there aren't any, but nearby Thane has a number of malls and (slightly expensive) food outlets.


RGMC hosts its annual festival called Abhiyaan in the first week of March, which has cultural as well as sports events. Even though it is a rather small and relatively unheard of college especially compared to the top colleges, the students' enthusiasm is bringing it at par with other popular college fests. They also host a Medical Symposium where different medical colleges come and give presentations. The college organises the Thane City Marathon every year too.



Rajiv Gandhi Medical College (RGMC) &
Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Hospital
Kalwa, Dist. Thane - 400 605
Tel: 91-22-25348790, 91-22-25372776


The location might be a turn-off, but once you step into the campus it's like any other medical college/ hospital. And a pretty good one too. Already in the top 5-6 in spite of being relatively 'new', RGMC is a decent choice for any candidate.

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