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Michigan State University (MSU)


Michigan State University (MSU) is a public flagship research university started in the year 1855. It is also considered one of the best Public Ivy Leagues. MSU is well renowned for a variety of courses across all fields and specifically in engineering, the Mechanical department and Telecommunications program are highly rated by experts unanimously. Michigan being the automobile hub, this university is extremely popular amongst student who are looking for Masters/PhD in Mechanical and/or Automobile Engineering.



MSU is located in East Lansing which happens to be the state capital of Michigan. The nearest airport takes three quarters of an hour to reach. Detroit is the biggest city closest to the campus. The state of Michigan itself is industrialized to a certain extent especially in the automotive sector.


Infrastructure and Residing Options:

The Michigan State University campus is one of the largest in the states and spreads over 5,200 acres (Yes, you read it right). There are two major campus sub-divisions, i.e. North and South. The main library is spread over multiple locations with over 5 million books cumulatively. There are numerous other libraries dedicated to engineering, mathematics and law separately. The Student Union is the hub of all activities within the campus.

Compared to other universities MSU has greater number of students staying on campus. The living conditions are decent with a good atmosphere for interaction. The cost is not too over the moon but you may want to think twice about it as well. Off-campus housing will cost you around $350 a month for a studio apartment or around $450 (per person per month) for a decently furnished 2BHK apartment. In general, off-campus housing isn’t very close to the campus but you will certainly find convenient transport.



Variation is the only thing constant in the weather here. It generally does snow to quite an extent and there is the coldness of winter but it’s not going to be unbearable. One of our contacts says that at Michigan “it can be a sunny morning, hail in the afternoon and there may be a blizzard at night”. Clearly there cannot be any view more candid than that. Students studying in Michigan have always noticed that summers can be scochingly hot (sometimes as high as 40 degrees) and winter temperatures freezing to -20 degrees, at times -30, owing to its proximity to Canada.


Courses Offered:

• Biosystems Engineering
• Chemical Engineering
• Civil Engineering
• Computer Science
• Electrical Engineering
• Engineering Mechanics
• Environmental Engineering
• Materials Science
• Mechanical Engineering



Faculty & Pedagogy:

The professors at MSU are highly rated for their knowledge and interest in class and engaging students in general. There are variety of courses offered with a lot of technology integrated into the pedagogy. The curriculum of the Applied Engineering Sciences deserves a special mention for being very flexible. Most professors of MSU are greatly involved in research and are champions in their own field.


Tuition Fee:

Despite having a Public status, the Ivy League university empties your pocket considerbaly. The tuition fee at MSU is roughly $38,000 for the entire course ($1220 per credit; assuming 30 credits for Masters course).


Financial Aid/Scholarships:

MSU being a public research university, the chances of obtaining some financial aid or fellowship is high. A student who has a good academic and extra-curricular track record will surely be benefitted here a good deal. Expecting some sort of an aid at the time of admission may be difficult but prospects during the course have been rated extremely high.


Eventual Placements:

Michigan State University organises numerous career fairs and has an active networking portal for recruiters to interact with students. The concept of internship is highly promoted here. Off-campus Michigan won’t be such a bad place to seek employment especially for those involved in the mechanical and automotive industry. Also, the moderate living expenses in comparison to the East and West coast followed by a good industrial hub - Detroit, makes MSU pretty popular amongst the student coomunity.


Crowd and Campus Life:

The campus of MSU is supposedly very active with numerous activities keeping the social circuit going. Students are extroverts in general and this place is often rated as the "party hub". Students love the nightlife in Michigan with a lot of off-campus options. Be it a disco, pub or a house party, there’s always something cooking at MSU. For the foodies here, we will point out that there exists this online portal through which grub from 20 odd restaurants can be ordered right to your doorstep.


Famous Alumni:

  1. Gary Starkweather - Inventor of the Laser Printer
  2. Lloyd Copeman - Invented the First Electric Stove
  3. Michael Cannon – President of Global Operations at Dell



Michgian State University is definitely one of the very good universities of the States in terms of course, teaching and overall reputation. Unfortunately, the university is over-shadowed by its elder sister University of Michigan Ann Arbor. However, we feel that MSU will surely do you a world of good. Keep it as a moderate to safe option if you've a fantastic profile, and for those aiming at an MS in Mechanical should explore MSU very seriously.

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