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Michigan Technological University (MTU)


Michigan Technological University (MTU) is a public research university founded in the year 1885. The Princeton Review named MTU as “The Best in the Midwest” among all the possible programs. It's a very common name on an Indians application list if s/he has an average profile. Moreover, the possibilities of getting an admission here is really high but that should not be taken for granted.



The campus of MTU is located in the city of Houghton. It has been listed as “The 100 Best Small Towns of America”. The nearest big city is most definitely Detroit but it is farther to drive from Houghton to Detroit, than from Detroit to Washington, DC. The area surrounding MTU is known for its mining activities. In fact, MTU started out as a training school for mining engineers. Due to its location in the northwestern portion of the Upper Peninsula, Houghton is isolated from the state's most populous areas.


Infrastructure and Residing Options:

MTU has a picturesque campus with building dedicated to different areas of research which serve as centres of excellence. Dow Environmental Sciences and Engineering Building, The Electrical Energy Resource Center and Advanced Technology Development Complex, which is a start-up discussion hub, are some of the integral parts of the university. The college also has an Industrial Design Centre in collaboration with Ford. Wow!

There are a number of halls of residence on campus with varying staying conditions. One of them was constructed as recently as 2010. The campus enjoys ultra-fast internet speeds, the network of which is setup and maintained by networking giants Juniper Networks. Again, Wow!

The off-campus living options are also easily available especially in the Houghton and Hancock areas. A studio apartment will cost around $350 per month. Our sources explicitly tell us that off-campus housing is cheaper than living on-campus.



Michigan is known for erratic changes in weather. Snow is something you will HAVE TO adjust to if you intend to stay at MTU, since snow makes its presence felt round the year. You may have to expand your budget for winter clothing.


Courses Offered:

  • Biomedical engineering
  • Chemical engineering
  • Civil engineering
  • Computer engineering
  • Environmental engineering
  • Electrical engineering
  • Geological engineering
  • Mining engineering
  • Material Sciences and engineering
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Applied Mechanics


Faculty & Pedagogy:

The course at MTU is well supported by academic advisers to students and the usage of technology in a live lecture. The professors are very knowledgeable and are easily accessible to the students outside lectures for various discussions on their career and research.


Tuition Fee:

The tuition fee at Michigan Technological University is pretty moderate as compared to its sister institutes (UMich and MSU). The fee for the entire course will be approximately $24,000. (Cost per credit is approx. $800 and total no. of credits to complete Masters degree is around 30)


Financial Aid/Scholarship:

For students with decent or even average profiles, getting a fellowship won’t be so difficult at Michgian Technological University. Also, there are a lot of chances that you might get some Fianacial Aid at the time of admission. Students in the past have got anythin from $3,000 to $10,000 fee waiver for the entire course.


Eventual Placements:

To be very honest, the on-campus opportunities won’t be too many here as most major companies prefer students from University of Michigan and Michigan State University during their career fair. However, the state of Michigan itself is extremely industrialised. Possibility of finding jobs in the aerospace, automobile or in the mechanical industry at large is good. So students can be rest assured that there is at least some job scope near and around them.


Crowd & Campus Life:

Again, to tell you the truth the crowd isn’t exactly the most happening place for partying and vibrant people whom you can chill with at MTU. However, if you try hard enough then one can find good set of peers anywhere on the planet. Also, be rational enough to not expect hip-parties and all-night chilling sessions here.

Compared to other universities you won’t find the most grub options off-campus but there is enough and more to ensure that you survive and flourish without damaging your budget too much.


Famous Alumni:

  • David Hill - Chief Engineer of the Chevrolet Corvette
  • John Opie – Former Vice-Chairman of General Electric
  • David House – Former Vice-President of Intel



Michigan Technological University is probably a safe choice for even average-to-below average profiles but as we mentioned before, this should not replicate as a 'bad unviersity'. Low Tuition Fee and Good chances of scholarships are some strong points for MTU. A student with an average profile keen on Mechanical engineering intending to pursue a career in the automotive industry can keep MTU as a last alternative. For the others, well there are more options you could consider.


+31 #3 ranjan317 2014-01-24 21:02
Why are you guys even bothered about absence of sky scrappers? It's not like you are gonna live in them :\ The university has good placements, course work and low fee... ain't that enough?
+3 #2 Naimesh Agarwal 2013-12-31 19:41
Agreed with you Nimesh, not at all a nice place with good surrounding. Also if you are planning to attend this school be prepared for extreme cold. The only plus point for this university is its low tuition fees, but guys do remember good things aren't cheap. I'm not against Michigan Tech, but what I'm feeling right now at Tech, I'm sharing with you.
+18 #1 Hitesh Palliwal 2013-12-23 11:31
I was doing MS in Mechanical Engineering, past two years and what I would suggest is the school is in remote area, probably you will not see something you have imagined like tall skyscrapers and beautiful city. It's more like a village so if you prefer good life off campus then please select some nice universities with good location surrounding it.

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