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Princeton University, New Jersey


Princeton University is a Private Ivy League research university founded in the year 1746. It was set up by the British colonial rulers even before America could gain independence. Over the years, Princeton has gone on to produce students who have gone on to become world leaders, great scientists and inventors. It is, arguably, one of the best universities across the planet. All these reasons have led to Princeton having an ultra-low intake level, so we guess most of y’all are reading this review purely for knowledge and entertainment sake. Jokes apart, every top ranker from the top Indian or Asians universities keeps Princeton as a dream option which means the chances of an admit are next to zero, of course.



Princeton is located in a town which is its namesake in the state of New Jersey. There are numerous other organizations which have their Head Quarters in the “college town”. New Jersey itself is a very bustling place with a lot of industrial development and is known to have maximum number of millionaires in the States. For those who don’t know New Jersey or as many would like to say NJ, it is the neighbouring state to the much famous New York and has truckloads of Indians especially Gujaratis.


Infrastructure & Residing Options:

The Princeton University campus is spread over 500 acres. The oldest building, the Nassau Hall was constructed in 1756 (Before your great-great-grandfather was born). There are a number of towers and theatres across campus all with breathtakingly beautiful architecture. Most of them are over a century old and have withstood the test of time. At Princeton, the quality of infrastructure is never a cause of concern. It is simply the best.

Majority students stay in the dormitories on campus and all the amenities here are well provided for according to most students. If you intend to live off-campus then, be prepared to shell out about $1000 a month even for a studio apartment. The expenses will be hitting you but honestly speaking this won’t matter much in front of the exposure you’ll have and the prospective future you may enjoy.



Incessant rain is a common feature of the weather at Princeton. There is a lot of humidity as a result and an unpleasant stickiness. In time you will ultimately learn to get used to it. Some are even of the opinion that the weather is highly varying with unpredictable changes. During other seasons it’s a regular sight to see large groups of people hanging around barbeques and chilling in groups.


Courses Offered:

• Chemical & biological engineering
• Civil & environmental engineering
• Computer science
• Electrical engineering
• Mechanical & aerospace engineering
• Operations research & financial engineering


Faculty & Peadgogy:

Princeton did not become one of the most sought after universities overnight. One of the major reasons why it has reached the top notch level is because of the fantastic faculty. Most of them are recipients of numerous awards ranging from the Nobel Prize to the Pulitzer Prize and even some who have won the Emmy Award (in their own field). Most of them are into cutting-edge research and any kind of association with them will surely be a big boost to your academic experience and knowledge.


Tuition Fee:

A Masters degree in the field of Engineering at Princeton would cost you approximately $60,000 for the entire course. Of course, it is rated as one of the most expensive university in terms of tuition fee. Nevertheless, this will certainly be a really small amount compared to what you may be earning a couple of years down-the-line; so you really don’t have to fret about it.


Financial Aid:

Let’s first think about getting an admit here, then consider applying for any sort of aid or assistantship. However, if you do make it to Princeton, getting an external scholarship won’t be that difficult because that admit will be your ticket to going places.


Eventual Placements:

If anyone is questioning this parameter at Princeton is a big fool. Once you are a Princeton grad, start-ups, MNCs, conglomerates and headhunters alike will be lining up to recruit you.


Crowd & Campus Life:

When you go at Princeton, rather if you do, then you will surely be surrounded by the best-of-the-best in their field. So, obviously you can’t expect the most raging party scene. Students prefer to stay indoors here. However, there will be some parties going on here-and-there, mostly gatherings on the streets or small house parties.

Princeton has a strong culture of Eating Clubs, which we best leave for you to discover. Otherwise, off-campus options like Cox’s Market, Ichiban, Hoagie Haven do exist but they’re not the most friendly ones towards the student pocket.


Famous Alumni:

  • John F. Kennedy - 35th President of the United States
  • Rakesh Mohan – Deputy Governor of Reserve Bank of India
  • Jeff Bezos – Founder of
  • F. Thomson Leighton – Co-founder of Akamai Technologies

If we actually listed all of them then we’d be typing on forever.



The probability of you getting into Princeton University is as low as the value of “e raise to the power of minus infinity". While 99% students do not consider this university because of the terrible intake, extremely high tuition fee and the but obivous decision 'REJECT', we suggest the remaining brave, smart, extremely talented, meritorious 1% students to take their chances. It certainly stands out as the best university in the world and a degree from here will change your fortune hundred-folds.

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