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University of Iowa


University of Iowa is a public research university founded in the year 1847. The college is another mid-tier one which is extremely popular among those with average profiles gunning for a Masters in CS or other allied fields. For those of y’all with a creative bent of mind, Iowa is the home to appreciation of creative work and has a renowned Writers’ Workshop.



The main campus is located at Iowa City itself, which is the state capital with the Iowa River flowing through it and creating the west side and the east side. The campus is well connected by air and bus travel with the airport taking half an hour to reach. In 2004, the city was named by Forbes magazine as the 2nd best small city metropolitan area to do business in USA.


Infrastructure & Residing Options:

The campus has a number of museums on a variety of subjects ranging from art to history to medicine. There are 13 on-campus libraries spread across the 1900 acre campus with an Iowa Memorial Union (IMU) which is the student centre and always bustling with activity.

The dormitories are decent with the required living facilities and each one having its own peculiarities and traditions. There are many off-campus options which are proximal to public transport from which the campus can be easily reached and are relatively cheap compared to other locations. A studio apartment will cost you approximately $500 to live in.



Iowa’s climate stands out for being really very cold. Most people find the winter unbearable at times. Other seasons are manageable with nothing exceptionally different, however, change of weather does take place rapidly and there are chances of flooding of the Iowa River during monsoon.


Courses Offered:

• Biomedical Engineering (MS or PhD)
• Chemical & Biochemical Engineering (MS or PhD)
• Civil & Environmental Engineering (MS or PhD)
• Electrical & Computer Engineering (MS or PhD)
• Industrial Engineering (MS or PhD)
• Mechanical Engineering (MS or PhD)


Faculty & Peadgogy:

The professors are highly rated here for their knowledge, accessibility and interest developed in class. There is a good mix of courses offered here and we recommend that y’all should add breadth to your education by taking inter-disciplinary courses as electives.


Tuition Fee:

The tuition fee at U of Iowa for the entire course will be approximately $30,000.


Financial Aid:

The university being public, grants assistantships easily and a large part of the fee is generally waivered for such students.


Eventual Placements:

The placements here are decent with over a 100 organizations attending the career fairs and recruiting large number of people. Companies like PwC, IBM, Motorola, John Deere and Google are known to recruit from University of Iowa.


Crowd & Campus Life:

Everyone at Iowa is really outgoing, so it's very easy to make friends. Students usually meet their friends in the dorms, residential area or if you find Indians anywhere close by you’ll will definitely hang-out together.

For the hogging bunch, there are places like Atlas World Grill, Bo James, Sky Box and a variety of others which makes Univeristy of Iowa one of the best places for diverse cuisine options.

The nightlife is supposedly one of the best across the States with the alcohol prices being one of the lowest as well.


Famous Alumni:

  • Ashton Kutcher - Hollywood Actor
  • Jayprakash Narayan - Indian freedom fighter (Yes, you read it right)
  • Archie Alexander - 1st Afro-American engineering graduate and later a politician.



Definitely not the best one around but its still far better than the rest of the lower ranked ones. As mentioned earlier as well, the university is renowned for its fine arts and literary activities. So if your mind is inclined to such extra-curricular activities and you have an average profile, then University of Iowa could be your destination in the land of Stars and Stripes.

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