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University of Colorado at Boulder


The University of Colorado at Boulder is a public research university. Started in 1876, it is one of the most popular public universities and the telecomm program it offers is probably the oldest and definitely the finest in the world! It is especially popular among Asians.



University of Colorado, Boulder is literally in the centre of USA. Although the university is located in what can be called like a village kind area, it is just one hour from Denver. This really adds to the value of the university since Denver is arguably the Telecom capital of the world. The surroundings of the university are absolutely picturesque. There are hills right behind the university and the sky looks resplendent when it rains.


Infrastructure and Residing options:

The Colorado campus is massive. It’s spread over 786 acres and houses over 20,000 students. The infrastructure is very impressive, especially the engineering centre which is home to the nation’s largest geo technical centrifuge. The library is fantastic and you can get an idea of the number of books by the simple fact that the library had to be shifted to a new building because the weight of the books was causing physical damage to the floor. There are also world class facilities for sports and recreation which are available seven days a week.

University of Colorado at Boulder has on-campus residing options, though most of the grad students prefer to stay off campus as it affords them both luxury and privacy. The famous dorms within the campus are Farrand Hall and Sewall Hall. The popular off campus apartment locations are Moorehead and Pearl Street, the latter being extremely famous as it offers all sorts of amenities. Of course, this also means that the landlords charge a rather prohibitive amount as rent. To compensate for this, Moorehead offers apartments at a much more affordable cost.



Since Colorado is centrally located, it often experiences rather extreme temperatures. Winters are quite cold with the occasional snowfall while the summers are pretty warm. You often witness thunderstorms in Colorado as well. Sunshine is expected probably every morning as you can expect sunlight to be there for at least 8-10 months of the year.


Courses Offered:

• Architectural Engineering
• Chemical Engineering
• Civil Engineering
• Computer Science
• Electrical Engineering
• Engineering Management
• Interdisciplinary Telecommunications
• Mechanical Engineering
• Materials Science & Engineering

NOTE: Interdisciplinary Telecommunication Program (ITP) is one of the oldest courses offered by University of Colorado, Boulder.


Faculty and Pedagogy:

The faculty at Boulder is highly renowned, especially the telecom faculty. The faculty includes a number of Nobel laureates and most of the professors are PhDs'. Students say that the professors are extremely approachable and friendly in spite of being heavily involved in high levels of research activities.



At Boulder, you would pay about $30,000 per year as tuition fee.


Financial Aid:

65-70% of the students get need based scholarship at Colorado Boulder. The scholarship is usually around $4000 per semester at the time of joining.


Eventual Placements:

It shouldn’t normally be a problem getting a good, well-paying job, especially if you happen to be doing the telecommunications course, in which case you can be sure of being picked up by one of the top players at a fantastic salary.


Crowd and Campus Life:

There is a rather vast majority of Asians at the university, but all in all it’s a highly multicultural mix, where you get to learn a lot about (and from) people from different parts of the world.
At Boulder, there are a number of things to do and the scenic beauty makes almost everything enjoyable. It’s common for students to indulge in Bike Activities and other such ‘Green’ activities. In fact, Boulder is known for its environmentally acceptable life. A Colorado Boulder alumni even said, ‘You don’t need drugs and alcohol to get high at Boulder’. Some of the common hangouts for Boulderites are The Sink, The Foundry, Bacaro, Deli Zone, Cosomo’s Pizza, Thunderbird and Attic Bar & Bistro. Denny’s and Denver Diner are the 24*7 restaurants.


Famous Alumni:

  • Abhinav Bindra - Read the headlines of the newspaper dated 12/08/08 if you cannot remember
  • Sanford McDonnell - President of McDonnell Aircraft Corporation
  • Theodore Maiman - demonstrated the first laser



Good college, great atmosphere. It may not be love at first sight if you’re used to a big city, but common sense and the irresistible force of nature will prevail soon. Oh and it’s Mecca for you if you’re a Telecom student.



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