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University of Texas at Dallas (UTD)


University of Texas – Dallas is a public research university started in the year 1961. In spite of being relatively ‘young’, UTD has already made a name for itself and is considered, especially by Telecom students, as one of the finest universities for engineering. The low fees, excellent research facilities, and exciting job prospects together make it an ideal destination for Indians, which is why they apply in such massive numbers.



The UTD campus is located in Richardson, which is about 20km away from downtown Dallas. Garland and Arlington are both less than half an hour away, while Austin, Oklahoma and Houston are at worst, a 3-4 hour drive away.


Infrastructure and Residing options:

University of Texas at Dallas is built on a lovely 710 acre campus. Although the infrastructure is quite decent, it’s nothing to boast about, especially when you take a look around the rest of the universities. That being said, it still has all sorts of facilities and is certainly not lacking in any department. But yes, it can get rather boring.

While on-campus living is certainly an option (at about $5500 per year), most grad students choose to live outside of campus, so as to get some much needed space, privacy and freedom. The rents in and around Richardson work out to about $7500 per year on an average, but this too gets divided considerably if you live with roommates. The further away from the university you go, the lower the rents fall, so it’s not difficult to find a place to match your wallet.



Dallas experiences extremes of climate across the year. Summers are terribly hot, while winters can get rather cold, though there isn’t any snowfall. Fall (autumn) and spring are quite pleasant compared to the rest of the year, when the weather really is curse-worthy.


Courses Offered:

  • Biomedical Engineering
  • Computer Engineering
  • Computer Science
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Engineering Management
  • Materials Science & Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Software Engineering
  • Systems Engineering and Management
  • Telecommunications Engineering


Faculty and Pedagogy:

Dallas has a complete mix of professors, but this isn’t always a very good thing. You find some professors who are absolutely excellent, have done their PhDs from Ivy League schools, and are extremely approachable and understanding. On the other hand, it’s not uncommon to come across professors who have a bit of an arrogant air around themselves, in spite of not being the most intelligent people in the world. However, students are more or less satisfied with what they get, though you do sometimes hear the occasional complaint about professors being way too involved with their research work.



The tuition fee at University of Texas, Dallas is a pretty reasonable $15,000 for almost 15 credits. So, the total tuition fee would come around $30,000.


Financial Aid:

Being a public university, UTD tends to be generous with scholarships and freeships, though you can’t take them for granted, since they’re all performance and/or need based. Of course, you can also always get Research Assistantships and Teaching Assistantships, especially if you’re Indian.


Eventual Placements:

Placements are good, but not out of the world. Telecom students find the jobs (and the salaries) pretty heavenly.


Crowd and Campus Life:

While the crowd isn’t exactly multicultural – you’ll just find a crazy number of Indians – it certainly doesn’t mean that it’s bad. Students do complain of a lack of ‘pretty faces’, but you can always find your type of people, it’s said.

Life on campus can become pretty boring. There isn’t much to do in and around the place, and students’ woes are compounded by the fact that there isn’t a bar on campus. However, there are a number of perfectly good restaurants around, with Papa Johns and Subway being crowd-pullers.


Famous Alumni:

  • Naveen Jindal - MD and Vice-Chairman of Jindal Steel&Power Limited
  • Dipak Jain - Professor of Marketing at Kellogg School of Management
  • Melendy Lovett - Senior Vice President of Texas Instruments


It’s good but certainly not great. If you think you have a profile that can do better, you probably shouldn’t settle for Dallas.




+4 #6 Manish 2015-05-21 02:34
We are required to take minimum of 9 Credits per semester. The fee for 18 Credits is 22500$ as mentioned on I-20 (Fall 2015). To complete the course Mechanical Student requires 33 credits. For others it will be more or less same. Great School with awesome global ranking. I am joining for Fall 2015.;-)
-11 #5 ujjwal daga 2015-05-10 10:42
40 k is just the tuition fees....

Add living and it gets costly.
-6 #4 Gaurav 2014-10-17 06:07
Tooo many Indians ..lot of competition...o ff campus apartment rent has gone up by almost 150$ (same sq foot) from previous year..min 2 BHK rent is 945$...For fees, better refer to UTD official site ... by no means its less than 40K for ITM (MIS)
+14 #3 Rohan Amin 2014-09-18 22:26
The living expense off-campus can start from $635. Mostly 3 people live in an apartment so the rent per person for a month comes to $212
+23 #2 Abhishek Uppalapati 2014-08-11 21:33
Fee for ITM(MIS) course is 40K(entire fee)

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