Mother Teresa College of Pharmacy, Ghatkesar


Mother Teresa College of Pharmacy is located in Ghatkesar, a distant suburb in North-Eastern Hyderabad. It’s a 15-20 kilometre drive from Uppal, the nearest urban locality. Though RTC buses like 245A, 245J, 488, 490-494 and series of 280 buses ferry you up to the Ghatkesar Main Road, the college is a further 3 kilometres from there. More than half the students prefer the college bus service which charges anything between Rs. 8,000-10,000 per year. Others use RTC buses and reach the college by taking share-autos from the main road. Reaching the college is a tough task and involves at least an hour of travelling one way no matter what means you use.



The campus of Mother Teresa College of Pharmacy doesn't look impressive and you wouldn't want to travel this far to spend half your day here. However, students say that once the course-work begins, you realize that most of the required stuff is readily available and there's hardly anything to complain about. A missing hostel and slow & intermittent Internet are two things that may bother, but they're expected to be resolved soon too.



Rs. 35,000/- per year



Teaching is good to a certain extent. There are some fantastic professors whose lectures you'd never want to miss as well as those whose lectures are best skipped. However, students say that regular feedback is taken from them and the college is trying to improve constantly.


Attendance & Discipline:

Mother Teresa College of Pharmacy sympathizes with the students' plight in reaching the college and has laid down less stringent disciplinary rules. Late-comers are frequently excused and those with over 50% attendance face no troubles. However, if students start taking things too lightly and misuse this freedom, strict actions ought to be taken and that's exactly what the college does - a couple of warnings followed by suspension.



Mother Teresa College of Pharmacy being one of the farthest pharmacy colleges in Hyderabad doesn't quite appeal to those residing in the city. Except a handful, the remaining are from semi-urban and rural areas around Hyderabad and other districts of the state. The atmosphere is dull and even the most enthusiastic chaps gradually give up on interacting with their batch-mates.



Hah! It's best not discussed.



If you've forgotten your pen or need to get something photocopied, you can go for a LONG walk to Ghatkesar and come back.

What? You thought Jubilant FoodWorks was dumb enough to open a Domino's Pizza outlet in the middle of a jungle?






A couple of local pharmacy companies offer to recruit a few students but the salaries promised and expected work are unacceptable to most students. They either opt for higher studies or hunt for jobs themselves.


Contact Address:

Mother Teresa College of Pharmacy,
NFC Nagar, Ghatkesar,
Hyderabad - 501301
Phone: N.A.
Website: N.A.



Efforts put in by Mother Teresa College of Pharmacy are appreciable and although the current scenario isn't too bright, improvement is inevitable.

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