Your success depends on your decisions and your decision hinges on our recommendations!

With US education getting increasingly competitive with every passing year, we at Collegepond help you by opening the way forward and prudently guiding your path to success. Employing a well-thought-out strategy, we help you swiftly navigate through the maze of career choices by identifying and highlighting the most optimal career path for you.

1. GRE: GRE is the first quantitative indicator to measure an applicant’s aptitude and therefore needs careful consideration. Through our diagnostic test we gauge your current capabilities and accordingly chalk out a roadmap for you.  If your previous scores have not been impressive, we don’t want you to submissively accept it as you destiny. We help you turn your setback saga into a success story by identifying key areas of improvement and aiding you in overcoming your limitations. There have been up to 25-point improvement in the scores of Collegepond test takers and a student of our 2016 batch even ended up scoring a perfect 340.

2. Match your career path with your academic aptitude: Choosing a career is one of the most crucial and irreversible decisions of one’s  life  that requires utmost forethought and planning. Career selection is not just restricted to its scope, and potential for growth in the future but also requires you to possess aptitude for the same i.e. combination of innate ability and acquired skills. CP helps you in identifying your true calling and make the best career selection.

3. Build your profile: Profile building is a comprehensive process of enhancing your academic profile. From suggestions on picking relevant internships, to guidance on publishing relevant papers to recommendations on community service engagement, we help you with expert advice in building your profile with respect to technical, social and soft skills.

4. Plan your application strategy: Applying to a graduate school is a lengthy process that includes a series of daunting tasks. From shortlisting universities to writing SOPs to finalizing recommenders to filling complicated application forms, you require expert assistance at every step. Collegepond helps you move ahead in perfect sync with the graduate school application timeline.

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