GV Acharya Institute of Engineering and Technology, Shelu


GV Acharya Institute of Engineering and Technology is located near Shelu Railway station (CST-Karjat route, Central Rly). While it takes 15 minutes to walk from the station if you take the cemented road, it's less 10 mins if you go by the “short-cut” which goes right through the farms. So not a mean task, that is, once you get to Shelu railway station!



GV Acharya Institute of Engineering and Technology was establised in 2009. The large campus houses a polytechnic and a management institute apart from the engineering college. While most of the contsruction is complete, a few parts still need a little finishing. However, the labs are well-designed and carry sufficient equipments. The library is awesome. Hostel facility is available but it is located in Neral.



Rs. 60,000/ year



Very good faculty. Many professors are from Vidyalankar, the famous coaching classes. All the teachers are very co-operative. The students are fond of the principal who is surprisingly very friendly.



Very strict. You have maintain a 90% record if you wish to score well in your internal marks. If the attendance goes below 75% the students are given strict warnings and are made sign a document stating the he/she will improve his attendance in the next semester. There’s no mercy for those having below 50% attendance and are detained straight-away.



About 10% of the students come from nearby local areas. Whereas the others are from Mumbai-city or Central suburbs.






Food quality is okay but space crunch during lunch hours is an issue. Fried rice is the most preferred variety among the students and it costs about Rs. 30/-. Some of the students have complained about the quality of food citing an example of coffee which is almost water.



The first batch passed out in 2013. However, no data is available yet.



G.V. Acharya Institute of Engineering and Technology,
Shelu/Damat Village, (Opp. Shelu Rly Station), Tal. Karjat., - 410201
Phone : 02148-204051
Website: www.leelaeducationsociety.org



Good for those who wish to study and not for those who wish for only “masti”. It's one of the better colleges in the Kalyan-Karjat belt.


-35 #72 Ravindra Jain 2015-03-07 17:40
Computer Branch is best in this college :-)
+39 #71 SUSHMITA 2014-05-30 17:51
In this college you can see only cons & no pros..
*Hardly there are good profs
*Canteen is below average
*Computer & EXTC are WORST (DEGREE)
*Unreasonable fees
*PROFS over here don't even know to speak fluently in English & they torture the students.. you must prefer to go to hell rather than to come here
*PCs in COMPS Lab are worst it reminds me the PCs of 2005 or 2006... poorest technology concerned
*If you are from Mumbai city or suburbs don't even come to this college
*Functions held here, No prof is concerned about it... Everyone wants his or her lecture to be arranged.
-36 #70 yfghfj 2014-03-17 17:46
mechanical branch is good branch here.but only strictness is the worst think here.n overall clg is good
-30 #69 yfghfj 2014-03-17 17:44
mechanical department is bst
+54 #68 sunky 2014-02-14 09:03
The biggest mistake of my life, I'm stuck here... the college crowd is stupid, more than half of the students are up to no good. Smoking, drinking and wasting their parents money is their only motto. And those who study averagely are considered to be geeks. More than half of the class is getting an a.t.k.t and they are not even concerned about it. If you are a sincere student you should never do the mistake of getting in here. And the worst part is functions they are stupidly organised, all the village people come and dance in the middle of an annual function, and the students, even they join them. it is so disgusting to be here. If you were in a convent school and then you end up here, then you will depressed like, really depressed...

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