Yadavrao Tasgaonkar College of Engineering & Management (YTCEM), Bhivpuri



Yadavrao Tasgaonkar College of Engineering & Management (YTCEM) is located about 1.5kms from Bhivpuri Railway station on the CST- Karjat route (Central Rly). There is no problem in terms of accessibility after you reach the station, since the college bus facility is very well managed.



The infrastructure has greatly improved since the college began in 2008-09 and is still improving. Well-equipped labs and a good library are some of the positives here. There is no air-conditioning in classes or labs but fans work properly. There is a basketball court, volleyball court and even a swimming pool!



Rs. 72,000/year



The faculty for the first year isn’t something to boast about. Many students find it difficult to comprehend since the professors are not very good at communication. For the remaining years the faculty is moderate, and majority of junior professors can be found teaching. Mechanical faculty is good and stands out among the others. The professors are supportive and knowledgeable.



Moderately lenient. Students do not face any firm actions against them. Just a few university papers are asked to be written of the attendance falls below 50%.



Majority is from Mumbai-city and everyone here is fun-loving and wanting to participate actively in co-curriculars. “It is the sheer lack of facility that de-motivates us”, quotes one student.



There is nothing near the college except for farms, hills and a river with no water. Most of the students prefer to hangout inside the college campus itself at something known as “Mushroom huts”. Others just leave for home.

During monsoon students sometimes go to the famous "Bhivpuri Waterfalls".



The canteen is “cheap”. Food is inedible and only a handful of students are found munching on food here. Some of the students suspect adulteration in soft drinks. Water tastes bad. One of them exaggeratedly says, “Ulti bhi nahi hoti ab to”. The canteen is named renaissance, but has nothing to do with the name.

There's a cafe called 'Chai & Chocolate' apart from canteen which is much better.



Yadavrao Tasgaonkar College of Engineering & Management (YTCEM) celebrates its Technical Festival – Technocrash in the 1st week of March. The cultural festival Tarang is held in March-end. Sports festivals recieve great response.



Very few companies visited for first couple of batches selecting very few students.



Yadavrao Tasgaonkar College of Engineering & Management (YTCEM)
Bhivpuri Road Railway Station,
Chandhai, Raigad - 410 201
Phone: 02148 321520/524
Website: www.tasgaonkartech.com



Keep it as one of your last options. However, regularity in lectures and a fun-loving crowd might make it comparatively better than other colleges around the same cut-offs.


-19 #24 Aditya D Patil 2014-01-08 18:36
Now college is well developed. Bus facility is also well managed. Our college has held three university level competitions. The food in the canteen is really good specially south Indian dishes. We have plenty of options for what to eat.
-10 #23 Siddhartha P Patil 2013-11-16 17:50
This college will be students one of 9 options because its getting better in everything.. in coming 3-4 years it'll be one of the good college on central line.....
-7 #22 Mandar. Cs 2013-11-03 10:11
Traveling and typical crowd are it's biggest turn-offs >. Marathi during lectures.
-3 #21 Saurabh Shirgaokar 2013-10-11 17:36
College Café Named Chai n Chocolate is amazing place to eat...
The faculty and training modules are also improving
-2 #20 md rakib raza 2013-10-08 00:35
Students are the candles of the college that brings light to college. So please change yourself first.

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