Yadavrao Tasgaonkar Institute of Engineering and Technology (YTIET), Bhivpuri


Yadavrao Tasgaonkar Institute of Engineering and Technology (YTIET) is located about 1.5kms from Bhivpuri Railway station on the CST- Karjat route (Central Rly). There is no problem in terms of accessibility after you reach the station, since the college bus facility is very well managed.



The infrastructure is amazing to look at from the outside, but the same cannot be said about the insides. Although Mechanical, Electrical and biomedical departments are said to have well-equipped labs, students from EXTC,  Comps and Electronics often complain that equipments are not up-to-the-mark and some CROs are not functioning properly.



Rs. 72,000/- per year



Average for all departments. Majority are said to be junior professors with little experience. “They wish to help and are very kind-hearted, but aren’t able to, perhaps due to a lack of experience”, quotes one student. Some of the students have complained that faculty is so bad that they can not rely on them at all and look for succour in coaching classes.



Strict in the first year, wherein 75% is made compulsory. For the other years it shows some leniency and not much action is taken till about 40-50%, except for donation of books to the library or a nominal punishment.



The crowd here is a mix of both fun-loving and studious. Majority of the students come from Central suburbs like Kalyan, Dombivali and Badlapur.



There is nothing near the college except for farms, hills and a river with no water. Most of the students prefer to hangout inside the college campus itself at something known as “Mushroom huts”. Others just leave for home.



The canteen is “cheap”. Food is inedible and only a handful of students are found munching on food here. Some of the students suspect adulteration in soft drinks. Water tastes bad. One of them exaggeratedly says, “Ulti bhi nahi hoti ab to”. The canteen is named 'Renaissance', but has nothing to do with the name.



Yadavrao Tasgaonkar Institute of Engineering and Technology (YTIET) celebrates its Technical Festival – Area 244 in February-end. The students very fond of this fest and have a good time. The cultural festival Crystal is held in March-end.



“Zero, only offered placement as a teacher in the same college” says one students sadly, before blending with the darkness.



Yadavrao Tasgaonkar Institute of Engineering and Technology (YTIET)
Bhivpuri Road Railway Station,
Chandhai, Raigad - 410 201
Phone: 02148- 320596/320781/202015/202016
Website: www.tasgaonkartech.com



Keep it as one of your last options. And do consider re-appearing for CET before taking admission here, that will spoil just one year rather than the four years after admission.


-7 #54 rajesh 2014-07-14 21:03
About crowd - maximum student come from Kalyan thane dadar western mumbai.. less student from ambernath badlapur
-16 #53 rajesh 2014-07-14 21:01
don't see comments of 2012.. college has improved so much in back 2 years.. see reviews of 2014 you will find the improvement
-22 #52 rajesh 2014-07-14 20:58
Now days college is really improving, tennis court, basketball court, swimming pool, new canteen, cafeteria. Awesome.
Fest really awesome.
-20 #51 rajesh 2014-07-14 20:57
canteen is not as bad as written here... its good.. now they have also provided water cooler and purifier... and there is also chai n chocolate for good quality food coffee etc.
staff is new, less experience but supportive.. at least in electronics and mechanical dpt... and you will not get good staff in other college too.. every engg college has same problem..
and teachers, HODs are trying to bring placements...
bus system is good.. infrastructure is improving...
events are also awesome in college.. students get huge support from staff for the events.. and maximum students are talented in other activities rather than study..
overall this college is better than any other college from back side..
-7 #50 Saurabh Shirgaokar 2013-10-25 14:21
Chai and Chocolate is amazing for its cold coffee....

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