St. John College Of Engineering And Technology (SJCET), Palghar


St. John College Of Engineering And Technology is located on the east side of Palghar. If you are a train commuter, then you get share-rickshaws to college from the west at affordable cost. Students also commute via their own two wheelers and college buses.



The building is still under construction.  There are rent facilities for students who stay really far. Labs are well equipped and Internet is available.



Rs. 61,980/ year



Computers and IT dept. have a lot of freshers.  Civil has a mix of experienced and novice professors. EXTC has senior staff with very good experience. English communication is quite decent as majority of the teachers are catholic.



50% Christian minority and the crowd is quite cosmopolitan and jolly.



Very strict.  75% compulsory else parents are called. Students may get detained due to lack of attendance.



The food is edible & quite cheap in terms of cost. However it is less spacious.



“To reach Palghar is itself a Hangout”, as quoted by one of the students. In terms of food and beverages, there is hardly any hangout. You will often meet students in Gold Cinema and Kelve beach.



St. John College Of Engineering And Technology doesnt have a specific name for its festival. It is intra-college held on a very small scale.



The first batch is yet to come out and nothing can be commented on the placements till then.


Contact :

St. John College Of Engineering And Technology
St. John Technical Education Complex,
Village Vevoor, Manor road,
Palghar (E) - 401404
Phone: 02525- 254846 / 49  / 645810  / 256834



If you get admission somewhere IN the city, please take it up there. Travelling could be one of the biggest issues when you choose St. John College Of Engineering And Technology.


+1 #40 daniel 2015-06-01 12:51
best in class infrastructure. .no wifi intenet for students though except for canteen area n if u have a laptop..friendl y faculty if u are in good terms..commutin g is no issue if u travel frm mira road n down after that it gets bit hectic..
good crowd palghar is absolute dump though..kelve beach and damis the only place to clear your head and chill far as plcemnts are concerned things dont run that smooth but efforts and progress is visible..
+17 #39 Mr.ZOL 2014-03-15 23:45
This college is piece of crap. You never pass in this college; even scholars are very disappointed when results are out.
It doesn't matter you attempt 100 marks paper but get only 40 marks else you fail, but lots of SJCETians believe in reval result.
+29 #38 Satishsjcet 2013-11-07 11:21
The worst is the our HOD.
She has really no knowledge about computers or any subject.
She does not even know how to open task manager when a PC gets hanged.
+12 #37 MAXI. 2013-09-24 09:45
I could surely gauge structural (physical) infrastructural growth in line with their vision statement (realty growth is in demand too...) but staff attrition rate & cumulative staff intellectual & academic capital is a very big
+36 #36 CLGHATER 2013-08-22 12:20
My first day in this college - as I entered class room and saw egoistic, dull, irritating teachers... who were teaching a topic.. till today I haven't understood it. It's a college worse than a military academy.. you will be lonely in class but you wil surely get company at "CHACHA'S CORNER". Projects and groups are decided by the staff according to your %tage. There is not a single hot chick in this college.. if you really want to learn "bad habits" then you are at the right college. Thank you teachers, staff and college... for giving this torture which proves I can easily survive in this world

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