Dhole Patil College of Engineering, Wagholi



DPES Dhole Patil College of Engineering is situated in Wagholi, a distant village and an upcoming suburb of Pune. It is pretty far from anything and (atleast) a two wheeler is necessary. PMT buses have a decent frequency but they drop you on the main road which is 2 and half kilometers from the college, so a vehicle is must unless you plan to go for a morning walk everyday. College has a bus facility which costs you 16,000/- per year (from first stop to last stop)



Dhole Patil College of Engineering is relatively a new college and has only the boys hostel; the girls hostel is under construction. The college boasts of Internet availability within the campus through Internet Laboratory which uses 2 MBPS Broadband connection and 24 Hrs. Wireless Connectivity but the students aren’t easily allowed to use it. The laboratories are well equipped and overall the infrastructure can given a 6 on 10.



Rs. 84127/- year



The staff changes every year, hence there are hardly a few senior professors. Some teachers are knowledgeable and have good communication skills but most of the subjects are taught by new BE pass outs who are said to be short tempered and students claim that they remove their frustration on them by reducing their term work marks.



Moderately strict. Parents are called if attendance falls below 75%. Students are made to write assignments and solve previous years' university papers. They are even made to purchase books for the library if they're short of attendance.



Moderate crowd, mostly localities. The college has a study oriented crowd and extracurricular activity isn’t appreciated.



No time to hangout and if you manage to make some time, you need to travel a good 5-8 kms from here to find yourself a good place to chill.



There are 2 canteens inside the Dhole Patil College of Engineering campus; so space isn’t a problem. Also they are definitely affordable.



An intra-college festival called Kshitij is held at Dhole Patil College of Engineering towards the end of January.



No batch has passed out yet, so its too soon to say.



Dhole Patil College of Engineering,
1284, Ubhale Nagar, Wagholi
Maharashtra, India
Phone : 020 66059900
Website : http://www.dpespune.com/



Dhole Patil College of Engineering is still in its nascent stages. The infrastructure is coming up and so is the faculty. Not recommended, unless situation compels.


-4 #23 Amol 2015-04-01 04:28
I think college infrastructure has improved WiFi is available, teachers are very good, teaching quality is better than most other reputed colleges in Pune. Now Bus charges have been reduced and college is giving different concessions and scholarships. Number of Canteens and quality of food has definitely increased.This year almost 75-85 percent BE comp, E&TC, IT students got placed irrespective of criteria. I think that is important.
-10 #22 amitcool25 2013-07-06 11:49
This college is very good college for studying and to make a good career. Faculty are also good and helpful but only comp, E&TC and mech branch is best.. and they provide very good placements opportunity. If you are a good student, if you can do work hard and you want to make your career so this is the place.
+3 #21 faijal 2013-03-12 15:27
don't go there.. very bad staff and crowd too...
+3 #20 sharad pawar 2012-07-25 18:26
Very costly for what they offer..
-34 #19 raja 2012-07-25 12:32
nice college.. mujhe chalega...

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