MIT Academy of Engineering (MIT AOE), Alandi

Location :

MIT Academy of Engineering (MIT AOE) formerly known as Maharashtra Academy of Engineering (MAE) isn't located in a very appreciable place. The area is remote & village-like somewhere far-off in Northern Pune. There are a couple of famous temples around, but that’s about it. Having bikes or cars is an absolute must, if you wish to commute at all.


Infrastructure :

Infrastructure is pretty good, apart from the fact that they don’t have a ground. Classrooms are clean and well kept, and labs are new. The building is nice and well-maintained too.


Fees :

Rs. 1,26,000/ year


Faculty :

Students say that its hard to find a single professor who speaks fluent English, and most of the faculty changes every single year. Seniors professors are few, and they don’t seem to make a huge difference either.


Attendance :

Maharashtra Academy of Engg (MAE) is pretty strict about attendance. A lack of punctuality is also frowned upon, with students not being allowed to enter the class even if 5 mins late. Often, parents are called if their wards have attendance issues.


Crowd :

Not too good, not too bad.


Hangouts :

Unfortunately, there are NO hangouts anywhere close to Maharashtra Academy of Engg (MAE), Alandi. You need to travel a good 10-12 km for some civilization. Central Pune's JM Road, FC Road and MG Road, the most happening places in Pune, are almost impossible to reach from here unless you take the whole day out for a nice little trip.


Canteen :

Not very nice. Its still under construction, and you find more dogs than people around. They get their water from a boring well nearby, so the hygiene and safety levels are debatable.


Festivals :

Maharashtra Academy of Engineering (MAE) has a sports fest called 'Onyx', which is held towards the end of February. The cultural festival is held in the first couple of weeks of March. Festivals in general are not too welcome here and the celebrations are usually kept low.


Placements :

Students often crib about the (lack of) placements here. A few lucky students from the Computers and EXTC department manage to get placed, but it is expected to improve as the years pass by, since the college has the MIT legacy attached to it. Average salary for the year 2008-09 was 3 lac, highest was 4.5 lac and lowest was 1.8 lac.


Contact :

MIT Academy of Engineering (MIT AOE)
Dehu Phata, Kelgaon - Alandi (D)
Pune - 412105
Phone : 020 - 30253500, 30253600 / 700 / 701 / 702 / 703 / 704 / 705
(020) 27185857, 27185514, 27185037, 27186416.
Website :


Verdict :

To quote the exact words of one student "worst, worst, worst"


-3 #23 @kim 2014-02-07 16:11
Hey people I am a student of MITCOE. I think that the college is a really good one... and the annual gathering is the most celebrated event... also the week prior to it is the coolest week... this was just the gist of what the college is...
+2 #22 @@@ravi 2013-10-28 21:57
College is good; might be located in village but placements have increased considerably average up to 3.54 Lac and low was 3.0 Lac and highest was 9.6 Lac selected in NVIDIA
+4 #21 RK ROCKS 2013-09-27 10:27
this is the review of past 3-4 years but now this college is one of the good college in Pune....because of discipline...ed ucation quality , beautiful infrastructure and cleanliness. its hostel is little bit costly but one of the best hostel in pune..canteen is well maintained..and outside college you also find all the daily usage shop ...professors are very good ..and well educated and so much familiar with students...atte ndance is strict. seniors are also very good but one of the failure side of college is that is has no playground.
But also not worried about placement because MIT,MIT coe, MIT aoe. have same placement cell.
in 2013 Mercedes came for placement with 11.50 lakh package.
so....don't worried upcoming years it will be one of the best college in pune.
-3 #20 Concept 2013-09-17 10:45
The campus is good. It's green all over. Here students are given freedom to do extra-curricula r activities so much like robocon, Junior robo, BAJA, blood donation camps, competitions, etc. Whenever you will come to the campus you will find something going on. There are n-number of events here throughout the year.
+3 #19 Itachi41 2013-09-13 18:51
The faculty of the college is pretty good, something which I had not expected from a college like this. I am a BCS student and pretty satisfied with the faculty, though they need to brush up their English speaking skills. That's the good thing about this college. But the crowd in this college is the shittiest crowd I've ever seen. Most of them are villagers who come from adjacent villages near the college, we call those people as 'gavti'. They are the type of the people who shout like hooligans in class and have no respect for the teachers, etc. They have a bad staring habit and they stare non-stop at women. Plus, they mock and ridicule anyone who look different than them and some of them are wannabes who try to look cool dudes but fail miserably with their horrible behaviour. I have been harassed by these filthy low lives for looking different and modern. Hope, the college does something about this, that's why I was hesitant to join this college.

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