Sinhgad College of Engineering (SCOE), Vadgaon (Bk)


Sinhgad College of Engineering (SCOE), Vadgaon (Bk) does not have a very impressive location. You have to travel through a village to reach the college. Accessibility is poor; PMT buses try going somewhere there, but in vain. They drop you on the highway from where college is about 1.5km and the road leading there is a steep, rutty one. Bus frequency is also poor. Thus bikes or cars are an absolute must.



Once you’re in the college, though, it isn’t bad at all. The campus is vast and houses as many as 50 colleges in it. The classrooms are clean and airy, the library is airconditioned and labs are well-equipped. They even have Wi-Fi Internet connection throughout the campus! The campus boasts of A Sports Center, Netcafe, Auditorium, Open Air Theatre and much more.

Hostel for Boys and Girls is available on campus. Students are pleased with the hostel infra; they’re decent enough to stay at for four years. The main complaint is about the food in the mess though. But for that there are so many other options on campus like Amul café, canteens of other colleges, etc. Hostel charges are 50,000/- a year.

NRIs are charged more for the hostel and are given better rooms and other facilities in return.



Approx. Rs 92200/- year



Students don’t rate the faculty too high. Professors are allegedly rude, and can’t converse much in English. Newer departments such as Civil have relatively new, and hence even worse, faculty. Overall, average faculty but better compared to standard of many other Pune colleges.



Supposedly very strict. You are expected to maintain a 75% attendance record, if you can't there are some fines collected. Plus the small matter of your parents having to travel all the way to college. If you can’t attend for yourself, at least have some pity on them. But in the end any serious actions are rarely taken.



Lot of non-Puneites and people from all over Maharashtra can be seen here. If you manage to find good friends campus life will be enjoyable.



The one and only hangout near Sinhgad College of Engineering (SCOE) is the Smokin Joes pizza outlet, which is in the campus itself. Outside, there is nothing. Come on, it’s a village!



There is a mess here, but no one really eats there. Food is termed ‘inedible’. The canteen, however, is pretty good, and quite reasonable.



Sinhgad College of Engineering (SCOE) hosts its technical fest called Excelsior sometime in February. The cultural fest, Singad Karandak, is held in January.



Not too good, not too bad. Most of the college gets placed in Accenture (highest recruiter), Infosys and Patni. TechMahindra and Persistent Systems (PSPL) come next. Larsen and Toubro recruits students from the core branches like Mechanical, Civil, etc. Computers, IT and E&TC have about 65-75% placements. Mechanical had around 22 students placed out of total intake of 60. A few lucky ones from Production, Civil, Biotech and Chemical manage to get placed.



Sinhgad College of Engineering (SCOE),
44/1, Vadgaon,(bk), off. Sinhgad Road,
Phone no: (020) 24354705
Fax no: 24357243



Sinhgad College of Engineering (SCOE) is among top engineering colleges in Pune. However students aren’t too happy with some aspects such as extra curriculars which are a must for personality developement and overall developement of a student. Studies & placements also are average.


+23 #26 onkar pathak 2013-11-23 21:21
I am BE student of this college and recently got placed with good package.. placement in computers, IT, EnTC is about 80-85%. Average package is 3.5.. some companies do offer above 5-6 lakhs. College is really good, professors are knowledgeable and very helping.. yes they are strict in case of attendance, unit tests and submissions, internal marks.. but that's what is engineering all about..!! Lot of extra curricular Technical, cultural and sports events are held.. now it depends on your involvement.. but there is lot of scope for talent.. exposure is good and lot of opportunity.. you should have skills.. :)
-6 #25 callistus 2013-11-20 19:21
For academics SKN is better than Sinhgad... I have seen placement records of all Pune colleges on their respective sites... only PICT offers nice placements... but if you compare Mumbai colleges like D J Sanghavi,Thadom al Shahani, SPIT they have excellent placements companies like Google, Credit Suisse, Microsoft, Elien Ware etc picks up students... I have not seen such records in Pune.
+13 #24 ayesha munshi 2013-09-02 18:32
Every thing about this Place is awesome...the facilities, Education, Transport, food... even they have very good placements scheme really happy to be a member of Sinhgad Institute..

And yes @SHubham I totally Agree with you!!
+14 #23 shubham sharma 007 2013-08-26 17:25
Guys,the transport facility is not that bad. Few buses leave u on the gate of the college bt their timings are fixed. infrastructure is awesome. placements are fine if u get good scores in university exams...
+7 #22 Mithil patel 2013-08-23 18:53
Guys this is the best college with awesome infrastructure and other facilities. I was impressed when I visited the Vadgaon campus and I felt this is perfect place to learn and grow..

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