Genba Sopanrao Moze College of Engineering, Balewadi


Genba Sopanrao Moze College of Engineering more popularly and fondly known as just "Moze College" is located close to the last bus stop of PMT in the western extreme of Pune. Although, the frequency of buses isn’t too bad, its sheer distance from the city makes Moze College a little tiring to reach. It is right behind the Mumbai Pune expressway, not far from the famous "Shri Shiv Chhatrapati Sports Complex in Balewadi.



The infrastructure is good, labs are well equipped with internet facility. Library is well equipped with books, and Wi-fi facility is available. There is a playground for cricket and football. There is a girls hostel, the rent of which is Rs.25,000 per year.



74,750/ year



Students are disappointed with the teachers & some say that the professors themselves often bunk lectures. Almost all departments have senior professors, but students claim that all they love doing is give them really low term-work marks.



Very strict. Fines are levied if your names features in the defaulters list. If it's below 75%, you’ll be charged with a fine of about Rs. 2000/- and if it's below 40% the fine goes to an unreasonable Rs. 5000/-.



College has an average crowd; least interested in sports and unenthusiastic about extracurriculars. You have to wear a uniform from Monday to Thursday which you HAVE to buy from the college itself and will cost you more than 500 bucks!



Poor hangouts. There is hardly anything to satisfy your needs. Hotel Sana is probably the only hotel next to the college, and even that is pretty bad.



The food is edible but expensive, and the canteen isn’t spacious.



"TPO abb tak aaya nahi hai", to quote one of the students. There is as good as NO placement.


Contact :

Genba Sopanrao Moze College of Engineering,
25/1/3, Infront of Chatrapati Shivaji Sports Stadium,
Balewadi, Haveli,
Pune- 411 045
Maharashtra, India.
Phone- +91-020-27290500




"Be prepared for self-study; college ke bharose pe mat raho" says a student. Avoid under all circumstances, unless the situation is absolutely compelling.


+4 #14 sonal 2015-07-06 04:29
Good college. College held more than 100 campus drive in last 2 year. Umang 2015 is a big college event where we student get great platform to extra curricular. We had great fun.
+4 #13 akshay mane 2014-02-10 10:14
Guys.. the most chappri and faltu college in Pune university... pls pls guys don't take admission in dis college coz the college just sucks... no faculty for teaching neither any extra activities... zindagi jhand hai bhai log iss college mai... attendence ka bhi locha hai... worst faculty ever... and most important... all gavti crowd here...
-1 #12 risky raider 2014-01-21 15:40
Very very bad college, whatever you say bad about this is less... don't come here..
+3 #11 Nitin786 2013-07-22 10:01
Very horrible college. Having no qualified teachers. Poor infra, poor toilet. The worst part is results are not displayed on net.
Even college is not giving it to student on time.
Teachers are Always busy on net instead of taking lectures. Don't know what RESEARCH doing on net. This college is having maximum fee.
-1 #10 #palli 2012-10-30 22:19
The worst college I have ever seen. The office staff acts as if they are from some royal family. The college is seriously understaffed... teachers behave as if they do some favour by by giving term work marks.

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