Sinhgad Institute of Technology, Lonavala


Although Sinhgad Institute of Technology is far from any metropolitan city (its located in Lonavala on the Mumbai-Pune expressway), the location is picturesque. Climate is brilliant throughout the year. Accessibility doesn't really matter as you've gotta stay in the hostel.



It's that magnificent structure that you see atop the ghats when Lonavala is nearing on your way from Mumbai to Pune or vice-versa. The infrastructure of Sinhgad Institute of Technology (SIT) is very good. Its cricket playground is well known all round Maharashtra. The college offers Wi-Fi connectivity in the whole campus and all the academic facilities are very well taken care of.



B.E. - 102874/- year

M.E. - 93995/- year



The students say that the principal is very nice, but complain about the other professors, who they claim do not speak any English.



Sinhgad Institute of Technology (SIT), Lonavala follows a very strict attendance system. Students are expected to maintain 75% attendance, and they are often detained if it falls below 60%.



The crowd is ‘cooperative’, very friendly, but nothing out of the world.



Bushi dam is a common (and beautiful) hangout, but its also rather expensive- takes Rs. 500 by rick! Bamboo house and RK are two more hangouts. Alcohol is easily available, and another place students like hanging out is Beer Bridge.



There are two canteens in the campus, but ONLY the samosa is worth eating. You can also find ‘Roll Centre’ inside the campus itself.



Sinhgad Institute of Technology (SIT), Lonavala hosts its technical fest called Xenos in September. The Cultural festival, Surbhi, is held in January.



Placements for E&TC, Comps & IT are quite good. However, placements for Mechanical students aren’t up to the mark. Infosys, Accenture, CapGemini, Cognizant and IBM are major recruiters.


Contact :

Sinhgad Institute of Technology (SIT), STES Campus,
Gate no 309/310, Near Mumbai-Pune Express Way
Kusgaon (Bk), Lonavala-410401.
Phone : 02114 – 304355




Don’t get carried away by the weather during the admission period, because it’s rainy season. You’ll suffer for the next four years.


+24 #29 Aavdut 2013-12-27 12:19
Plz do not make a mistake by joining this college... it's a waste of time..
-11 #28 AKSHAY MANDHARE 2013-10-08 11:05
Nice college, Nice place........ So everything is nice nice..
+39 #27 wellwisherabc 2013-09-21 00:15
Pathetic... the crowd is simply pathetic!
Forget about engineers, they are grooming DONKEYS here....No one talks of new ideas, new innovation... This is not an engineering college, this is a school!! Do exactly as WE (the faculty) say and you will be the apple of their eyes... They want ppl only to study and don't care a damn how good they are in their extra-curriculars....
talking about the staff, they are simply Superb!! Especially the old n experienced ones, they really take good care of studies and completion of syllabus in time...
From academic yr 2013-2014 there will not be extracurricular activities, no Xenos... nothing... Only studies!!!
Placements are badly affected as there is dearth of smart engineers.... Neither does the college care to groom them....
To sum it up, if you want to do anything new from your side, forget about it or you'll have to work real hard... don't expect any support from college.... Academics are well taken care of....But obviously they are not everything you need to get a job...
Think twice before joining....
-15 #26 MANIK 2013-07-22 14:12
College is good as compared to other colleges in Pune university in terms of campus and recruitment also.
+10 #25 vasant khade 2013-07-17 21:57
Keep the hygiene in mess & provide tasty & nutricious food

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