PDEA's Annasaheb Gopalrao Awate College of Engineering, Hadapsar


PDEA's Annasaheb Gopalrao Awate College of Engineering, also known as College of Engineering, Hadapsar, is located in Pune's eastern extreme area of Hadapsar. The college is about 2-3 kms off the main road (Sholapur Highway) and falls in a slightly inaccessible area. There is no bus facility provided by the college, nor do the PMT buses make rounds in the interiors (they just drop you at the main road). Majority of the students travel by their private two wheelers, mainly because there's no other alternative. Tempo services outdo PMT buses when it comes to travelling to PDEA's Annasaheb Gopalrao Awate College of Engineering.



The campus isn't huge or anything, but since there are 2 or 3 other sister institutes in the same campus, the premises do cover a sufficiently large area. The infrastructure of the engineering college building isn't brilliant but nor does it give the students a chance to crib about anything. Computer labs are air-conditioned, classrooms are well furnished and the library is stuffed with enough books. There is a playground for all the sports buffs. Hostel facility is provided by the college itself.



Rs. 65,148/ year



Students complain that the faculty is not at all up to the mark. They claim that teachers have really poor knowledge about the subjects, communication is way below average and students who fall into their bad books are punished by being awarded low internal marks in their term work. Also, the professors don’t stick to the college for a long time and new teachers keep pouring in and thus unstabilizing academics. Students even complain about some teachers bunking the lectures, while they endlessly wait in class for someone to come & teach them.



If attendance falls below 75%, students are made to write assignments and if below 50%, parents are called. Lack of attendance can cause a delay in submissions as professors here enjoy being a little sadistic.



PDEA's Annasaheb Gopalrao Awate College of Engineering has students majorly from rural areas of Pune. Students have an amazing unity amongst themselves and are actively into sports and extracurriculars. All of them hold grudges against the college committee which allegedly isn't supportive to students.



Right outside the college or even within walking distance there's nothing but a few dhaba-like food stalls. Those wanting to explore better areas should head to Fatema Nagar or Magarpatta City, about 5-8 kms from the college.



The canteen is common for the engineering and the MBA students, yet it is spacious. It is decently priced and the taste is just about OK.



The Techincal fests of PDEA's Annasaheb Gopalrao Awate College of Engineering, Robomania and Futurisim, are held in March. The sports fest called Rudra is held sometime in August.



Average pay at PDEA's Annasaheb Gopalrao Awate College of Engineering is about Rs. 3 lakhs/annum. Companies that recruit students are Thermax, Persistent, Accenture. However, the placement ratio is terrible; less than 10% of the students manage to get jobs on campus, others have to hunt for jobs themselves or opt for higher studies.


Contact :

PDEA's Annasaheb Gopalrao Awate College of Engineering,
Manjari Road, Mahadev Nagar, Hadapsar, Pune - 411028
Phone No : 020-26996275
Website : www.pdeacoem.com



With relatively lower fees, it seems an advantage to join this institute but the not-so-good faculty, less placement opportunities and the far-flung location rather turn it disadvantageous.


+3 #7 kitty21 2014-01-22 12:18
Worst college. Not at all supportive college. I think no one must go for this college. College don't even permit students of final year for gate exam preparation as well..
-1 #6 Akanksha Ashok Kale 2013-07-07 22:57
Thank you @Aniket Barve for the reviews...
Really helpful..
-11 #5 aniket aware 2012-11-14 22:15
PDEA college is pretty well developed and I like it
-2 #4 surooor jat 2012-09-22 09:49
The new building of college is totally different. It is just good. You must visit here once
+6 #3 Soham Desai 2012-06-28 23:07
thanks aniket for posting that reality!!!!

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