Dyal Singh College, South Campus – University of Delhi


Very conveniently located right next to the JLN Metro station Gate 5, Dyal Singh College is also very easily accessible by DTC buses, and has a huge bus stand called Focal Point right opposite it. The area has a lot of colleges, offices, various government and army quarters, it also houses the excellent new Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium.



Students are quite pleased with the infrastructure Dyal Singh College has to offer, but while it does serve the purpose quite efficiently, there’s nothing too great about it. Equipments in laboratories don’t work sometimes, nothing apart from the principal’s cabin is air-conditioned, and there’s no internet access for students. Fortunately, the classrooms are well-ventilated, the library is quite spacious and well-stocked, and the ground is massive!


Courses Offered under University of Delhi:

  • BA Programme & BA (Hons) in Economics, English, Geography, Hindi, History, Political Science
  • BCom & BCom (Hons)
  • B.Sc in Applied Physical Sciences (Computer Science), Life Science, Physical Science
  • B.Sc (Hons) in Botany, Chemistry, Maths, Physics, Zoology

Additionally BA (Hons) English & Political Science, BA Programme, BCom and BCom (Hons) are offered in the Evening College



The Science faculty is comparatively better than the Commerce faculty, but neither are out-of-the-world or extraordinary. The Economics faculty is singled out for special praise by the students, but they also mention the fact that some professors at Dyal Singh College are less qualified. Few professors have ego issues, and you dare not complain about them, or you’re sure to get into big big trouble. Most professors are quite nice, but then there are a few who can’t really speak English to save their lives. And of course, you have the highly experienced professors who are too senior to even stand.



The college is pretty strict when it comes to attendance. Students are expected to maintain at least 67%, failing which they are made to sign a bond promising they’ll make up for it. If attendance falls below 60% in spite of the promises, students aren’t allowed to take the exams. You can try your luck sweet-talking the professors though – some are nice (read ‘gullible’) enough to let you get away.



The crowd at Dyal Singh is nothing great, to be fair. The BSc crowd is a shade better than the BCom crowd, but that really isn’t saying much. The evening college students take rowdiness to another level quite often, but all in all, if you’re nice, everyone’s nice to you.



Oh, there’s a lot to do around college. Lodhi Garden, CP, Khanna Market, Lajpat Nagar are all conveniently located. So is Sai Mandir, but we’re not sure people would want to hang out there.



Not great. Decreasing quality coupled with increasing prices means that students are slightly put off by the canteen, in spite of the food being quite good, actually. The Chole Bhature, Spring Roll, and Chowmein (or Chomin, as it’s spelt in Delhi) are to die for. However, it gets pretty crowded sometimes, so you’d had best catch your seats on time.



The college hosts their own fest called 'Rajnigandha', which is rather peculiar because the college itself doesn’t take part in it. They do, however, take active part in the Delhi University festival.



A few BPOs come to Dyal Singh College to recruit students to – you guessed it – call centers. More often than not, the college has common placements under the DU's Central Placement Cell.



If you like studying, you’d rather stay at home. A fun college with not too much stress on academics.

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