Deshbandhu College, Kalkaji


Deshbandhu College is located in a pretty shady area of Kalkaji and is equidistant from both Govindpuri (little closer though) and Kalkaji Mandir metro stations on the violet/purple line. The college is roughly around 15 minutes walking from these stations and cycle rickshaws or autos drop you to the college at a fair cost of Rs. 10. The college is pretty famous in the area and thus getting to the college is not a problem.



Deshbandhu College has a pretty average campus with hardly any lush green trees or plants though there is a huge garden behind the building. The dusty campus of Deshbandhu has a very small two storey building with just about average classrooms where fans don’t work most of the times. The classrooms are not air conditioned while the libraries are. There is no wifi connectivity in the campus.
The college provides facility only for girls hostel.


Courses Offered under University of Delhi (DU):

  • Bachelor of Arts (B.A), Programme
  • Bachelor of Arts Honours (BA Hons) in Economics, English, Hindi, History, Mathematics, Political Science, Sanskrit
  • BCom (Hons) & MCom
  • Bachelor of Science (B.Sc) Life Sciences, Physical Sciences, Applied Physical Science (Computer Science & Industrial Chemistry)
  • Bachelor of Science Honours (B.Sc Hons) in Bio-Chemistry, Botany, Chemistry, Mathematics, Physics, Zoology
  • MA in Economics, English, Hindi, Maths, Political Science, Sanskrit, Sociology
  • MSc. in Mathematics



Teaching quality at Deshbandhu College is pretty average. Although the teachers are qualified, they lack enough experience. There is a good blend of senior and junior professors, though the freshers need a lot of experience. No specific department has anything to boast about. Fortunately, the lectures are conducted in English though a lot of teachers still prefer switching to Hindi.



Luckily attendance is something which would please you guys. It’s not at all strict and students thus take maximum advantage of it. An attendance of around 50% is tolerated and something short of it, students have to sign an undertaking for making up of the less attendance. In short, one can enjoy to the core at Deshbandhu.



As Deshbandhu College is affiliated to Delhi University (DU), the college has a majority of the crowd from the main city. Students from other regions like Noida, Gurgaon and Ghaziabad are also seen in the campus. Boys to girls ratio is decent but the crowd is more like a village type. Even though ragging is not seen on the campus, students more than make up for it with their rowdiness and the regular brawls over girls. Nothing shocking about it there. “The barbaric yet friendly crowd is unique but equally bad”, quoted by a bunch of students sitting in their college garden.



Students of Deshbandhu generally prefer to hangout at Agrawal Hotel which serves some awesome delicacies and is right opposite the college lane. In spite of being expensive yet the hot favourite hangouts like MCD’s and Dominos are also frequently visited. Movie lovers can enjoy their day at the local Sapna Cinema.



In one word, WORST! Just imagine, when tea is served like water, Hell! Food is bad, prices are economical and taste is a definitely a big issue.



Deshbandhu College
Kalkaji, New Delhi 110 019. 
Tel: +91-11- 26439565 



Even though Deshbandhu College is affiliated to Delhi University, the college needs to improve on the infrastructure, crowd and canteen badly.


-3 #6 Shivianmika 2013-09-03 02:20
Deshbandhu is the worst college of DU, no improvement in canteen, no ground, campus is worst no auditorium teachers are many a time absent and lack knowledge, no greenery, no garden, not even well furnished classroom, fans are of Akbar's time, no water facility and government sulabh are better than these. Over all if you ever fall in the cut-off of Deshbandhu drop the idea of joining it.
+13 #5 ravi dubey 2012-10-01 14:25
Nice college. Everything is fine. Friendly and familiar environment. It's so nice..!
+9 #4 sanchita mathur 2012-07-19 17:01
guyzz canteen has been renovated ...and about crowd, hmmmm DU is all about mix crowd.. u cant get high class crowd everywhere and crowd is not like village like..its nice now and its better than before...u cant make friend by their appearance u make it by their nature and behaviour..facu lty is awesome...what else do u expect from DU
+6 #3 Vishal Khare 2012-07-16 23:08
I must say that Deshbandhu is a good place to study.
+5 #2 dbciet 2012-07-16 21:43
canteen is bad no doubt , but dude our fans work perfectly fine and we have a jungle in our back yard.

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