Siddharth College of Arts, Science & Commerce, Fountain.


Right opposite "Hutatma Chowk" more popularly and originally known as "Fountain" you see a big hoarding on an ancient British architectural structure which says "Siddharth College of Commerce" and you wonder "Is this where the college is?" Yes it's true, it's the same old building which appears to host some kind of Government administrative office which is home to Siddharth College of Commerce. well, accessibility is not a problem as it is just a 5 minute walk from Churchgate Station and about 12 minutes from CST.



From the above description you must have a fair idea about how the college building looks. The insides don't help much, it still doesn't feel like a college. The state is being improved it is said, but we have our own doubts. The library is one thing which can be marked as an exception; it is big, spacious and with so many books around it DOES finally feel like college.






The teaching is supposedly good enough for you to NOT join any external coaching classes (who joins them for B.Com. anyway) The teachers sometimes do face certain communication problems speaking in English but they are said to be fluent in Marathi which is the more preferred language here for the faculty as well as the students.



At Siddharth College of Commerce you don't need to bother about attendance. Just show your face once in a while and it's all settled. Despite such relaxation in attendance, students are said attend in numbers. "Socho kitna achha college hai humaara" says a student, to which we can do nothing but smile.



Siddharth College of Commerce was basically started for the upliftment of the backward classes and hence students belonging to these various backward classes are preferred over the General category. There's no specifc quotas or anything, but in general about 12-15% of the students found here have joined through the open category, whereas the others belong to SC, ST or the like.



There is NO canteen. There is used to be one, which was stalled due to a poor response. Talks are on to start a new one again.



McD's and the food stalls selling sandwiches, fruit juices and vada pavs are the favourites amongst students here.



ZEAL is an intercollege festival celebrated sometime in September. But it hardly matters.



In a word NONE.



Siddharth College of Arts, Science & Commerce.
Anand Bhavan,
Dr. D. N. Road,
Fort, Mumbai – 400 023.
Website :



Superb. The freedom here is unmatched. Just go for it. (We hope no one takes this seriously)

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