PESIT South Campus, Hosur Road


PESIT South Campus, formerly known as PES School of Engineering (PESSE) is located on Hosur Road far in the south-western parts of Bangalore. Lots of BMTC buses ply on Hosur Road but there’s no stop for the college. The nearest bus stop of Electronics City being a kilometer away (as mentioned in their address), one has to walk that much distance to reach the gate of campus. So you might want to establish amicable relationship with bus driver so that he’ll stop the bus outside college for you. Entrance to college is further three fourths of a kilometer and the path leading there goes around the entire college building walking on which you keep wondering why have they kept the entrance at the backside, not to mention that it is devoid of any trees or shade.



When you enter the campus you can see a massive cricket ground in front of you, another enormous football field to your left and a cow grazing field to your right. The infrastructure and facilities are well up to date. Labs are well maintained and equipment is new. Library is also quite impressive and contains all the required books in sufficient numbers. Entire campus is WiFi enabled.

Hostels are amazing and probably one of the best in entire Bangalore. Rooms are available on triple sharing basis and bathrooms are attached in each room. Charges are 50k a year including food. Food is average.



College charges Rs 7500 over the VTU fees of:
For Karnataka CET students – 36,090 per year.
For COMEDK students – 1.25 Lakh per year.



Faculties at PES School of Engineering (PESSE) are very good. Majority of them are experienced and a few freshers who are there also teach only the first years. Some of them are said to be partial to south Indian students. They can teach in English, Hindi or Kannada depending on what students are comfortable with.


Attendance & Discipline:

Attendance is a big issue in PESSE. All branches other than Mechanical are very particular about it and wants the students to have 85% at any cost and those who fail to achieve this are not allowed to write the exam. Final year students are given some relaxation but all other years have to attend religiously.

Other than attendance, college is very strict about certain disciplinary rules. All students are required to attend the 1st day of each term, failing to do so attracts a fine of Rs 5000 a day. Everyone is supposed to write notes in each lecture and maintain a notebook of it; if you’re absent for one lecture you should complete it next day. Mass bunking is STRICTLY not allowed. Also only a limited numbers of holidays are given and celebration of festivals like Holi or even Diwali is also discouraged.

Compared to college, hostels are not that strict. You just have to be nice to warden and greet them occasionally.



Half of the students are north Indians and half locals. The crowd is very nice & friendly. There is unity in among departments. They are not over studious but know how to manage their studies. Other than mechanical in all branches there are almost equal number of girls and boys.



There are 3 canteens in the college. They are on different floors - one on ground floor, other 2 on terrace of separate floors. Dining room for staff is separate. All three are spacious and serves different types of food. But the one on 4th floor always gets filled up first as it has lot of variety. All canteens are reasonably priced.



There is nothing nearby, one has to go to Madiwala to find good hangouts. There are some eating places in Electronic city too, which is 1 km away from college.



“Maaya” is the annual cultural, sports and technical festival held in October. Students actively participate in it and have a gala time during the fest as all the restrictions are taken off. Some intra college competitions and days are organized during even semesters. So even semester is usually colder compared to odd due to lack of activities.



PES School of Engineering (PESSE) has a big advantage in placements because they’re conducted in PESIT campus and PESSE students are allowed to sit for all those companies that come for PESIT. Although students here claim that PESIT students are given an upper hand, about 90% of the students get placed in a wide range of companies from Infosys to Microsoft. Wipro is a major recruiter and picks up most number of students, followed by TCS, HCL, Infosys & Cognizant. Average package is 4.5 Lakh while highest offer made was 13 Lakh. But there’s a rule that a student can’t take more than 2 offer letters to provide fair placement to all students.



PESIT South Campus,
PES School of Engineering (PESSE),
Hosur Road (1 Km before Electronic City),
Bangalore - 560 100.
Phone: +91 80 66186610, 66186611



PES School of Engineering (PESSE), as the name suggests, is the “school” of engineering. Literally. Those who are ready to do 4 more years of school should join it.


-16 #5 Anonymous2 2014-03-13 21:20
Only CSE dept is good....DO NOT THINK of joining mechanical...ov er all its lacks a lot in terms of technical events...activi ties....cant recommend.
+7 #4 sdp 2013-12-31 11:54
Well the college is quite good there is nothing like signal jammer now. Except for EC department all of other department uses cell phone they are not so strict about that... the best thing about college is they care for student they pushes student such that every one will get good placement or good higher studies... and ya I also have to accept that this is not college I mean verdict is 100% true...
+4 #3 heracross 2013-11-14 10:27
College is amazing in terms of facilities and its infrastructure is one of the best in Bangalore.

Also there is mobile signal jammer so there is no connectivity inside the college building.
+3 #2 gupta123 2013-01-31 15:23
People here get opportunities they simply do not deserve, judging by their CET rank. PESSE down down!!
+59 #1 vidit 2012-05-10 18:40
It looks like you have done a lot of research and i find most of them quite true about this college.
This college is developing at very fast pace.
Research centre will be ready by the next year.
This college took very very less time to figure itself in top 10 of bangalore compared to any other college in city. Highest placement package offered this year is 16 lakhs by MicroSoft.
This year, the college finds none of the 4th year students unplaced.
Hence, placement record is improving year by year.
We can find lots of activities going around through out the year.
Hence, it is a promising college.

cons: Very Strict.
85% attendance.
This is really a school.
Mass Bunking not permissible.
Be prepared to face disciplinary actions if rules are violated.
2kms of walking distance to nearest market.

But still, this college has a clear lead among others in its league.

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