Saraswati College of Engineering (SCoE), Kharghar, Navi Mumbai


Saraswati College of Engineering (SCoE) is a 20 minute walk from the nearest station and takes 10 mins by rick (read 20 bucks), although the college does provide bus facility for students which is not easy on the pocket!!.



Excellent! Saraswati College of Engineering (SCoE) is spread out over 11 acres. Classrooms are spacious and labs are well-equipped. Centralized air conditioning will probably be introduced soon. They have a variety of outdoor sports like volleyball, cricket, football, and badminton. What’s more, they are apparently constructing the largest library in Maharashtra soon.



Rs. 102244/- year



EXTC faculty is supposed to be really good, although maybe a bit strict. Others are just about okay. New professors keep coming and going.



The college is very very strict in this respect. 75% attendance is compulsory, failing which students are charged Rs.5000. Yeah, you’d really rather just attend.



The crowd at Saraswati College of Engineering (SCoE) is decent, quite cosmopolitan. Very enthusiastic and love to participate actively in festivals of their own college as well as other colleges.



Relatively good canteen with more-than-edible food. Misal pav is an all-time favourite.



Quite a few of them, actually. There’s a McDonald’s, a Subway, Little World Mall all of which are pretty close by. The huge central park spread over acres of land and built on the lines of New York’s Hyde Prak is also close by (Though its stilll under completion)



Saraswati College of Engineering (SCoE) hosts an integrated cultural and technical fest called Nakshatra around the end of February.



Not too great, with about 30% of the students getting jobs. Wipro is a major hirer.



Saraswati College of Engineering (SCoE),
Plot No: - 46, Sector No:- 5
Near MSEB Sub Station Kharghar
Navi Mumbai – 410210
Telephone:022-27743706, 27743707, 27743708, 32017417, 32027356



If you’ve scored about 130 in your CET, this is a college you could look at. All in all, it has massive potential for development. Might be a ‘dark horse’.


+11 #57 Mandar 2015-12-05 19:35
Saraswati college of engineering changed a lot, infrastructure good, academics attendance strict, teachers are very good and friendly, they understand the problem of teachers. I observed lot of changes in the college. Guidance for everything. Best college in Khargher
+6 #56 aabha P 2014-03-14 21:46
really the best colg for EXTC as per my experience...:) very strict abt attendance bt its fine if u have gud company of ur buddies...:) festival was ossum this time....really the colg has massive potential....ha ve a great future for students of this colleg...:)
+39 #55 vinujaa 2014-02-19 22:32
There are ONLY NEGATIVES in SCOE college..

Let me describe it:

(1) Attendance is compulsory, they put defaulter list at the end of every month, & give lots of punishments (extra assignments from all subjects and informing parents etc.).

(2) Non-teaching staffs behave as the kings and queens (they don't even give respect to anyone).

(3) Very bad id card.

(4) Very poor bus service (everyday, it is a big tragedy for me to reach college)

(5) They don't even understand the true feeling of students

(6) Staffs and teachers don't even speak English. (everywhere MARATHI-MARATHI-MARATHI)

(Please staff, try to understand us, once you were also students. Don't treat us as primary school students)

Seriouly.. I feel very bad to be a student of SCOE.. :-(
+82 #54 Always think +ve 2013-10-30 21:02
To Respected Principal Sir,
Please give a proper ID card..
+106 #53 TRUE 2013-10-30 21:01
I am a student of SCOE,
This college is good with respect to coaching, attendance(stri ct), and the teachers are very very FRIENDLY...(tha t even you will understand when you are a student of SCOE)
A lady who sits it the account section,
She thinks of herself as the principal...(ev eryone will understand). She doesn't respect anyone.
Even for getting a signature, she will give lots of troubles.
A DEVELOPING college like SCOE is getting a bad name just because of such IRRITATING CHARACTERS.

This is a very kind request to PRINCIPAL sir,
Sir, please look at this problem which almost all students are facing..

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